La Macarena, Meta’s former fighters, demand humanitarian caravans to leave the area

U.S.A.La Macarena, Meta's former fighters, demand humanitarian caravans to...

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In the midst of the five-year commemoration since the signing of the peace agreement and with the visit of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to Colombia, it was revealed that about Ureas Rondon, 100 families living in the Territorial Training and Reincorporation Area (ETCR) They ask for help to leave the area because of the threats.

Through a letter sent to President Ivan Duque and several senior officials of the national government, the FARC leading the ETCR based in Playa Rica, La Macarena Municipality, Meta, is concerned about access to the area of ​​former combatant men. On 18 November, a caravan of trucks belonging to the National Security Unit was cremated. which was related to their security plan.

“The illegal armed group stated that it would not allow the presence of territorial space in the region, which led to the beginning of the mass forced displacement”, they caution.

The community reported what happened to the Special Investigations Unit of the Attorney General’s Office, but so far the national government has taken no measures to prevent and reduce incidents that risk economic, political and social reintegration. .

With danger to the families living there, this Wednesday, November 24, Cited an inter-institutional coordination meeting that was attended by ETCR peace signer Eurias Rondon, social and human rights organizations, the Office of the Ombudsman, the Office of the Mayor and the Legal Authority of the Municipality of El Doncelo, members of the legal team trusted by the signatories of the contract and representatives of the Technical Committee on Safety and Protection, together with the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia Of.

“During the workplace, a situation of risk of forced displacement in which nuclei of the signatory community and its family are found was disclosed. Asimismor, the urgency of human and institutional action to participate in, support and activate all necessary mechanisms for the guarantee of fundamental and political rights and for the reincorporation of the community”, said the letter to President Duke.

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He also requests the national government for humanitarian caravans to relocate families to another area:

1. Invite competent entities on November 28 to guarantee the terms of the transfer of Playa Rica from ETCR to El Doncello, Municipality of Caquetá.

2. Adjudication and distribution of the property of the Municipality of San Jose, El Doncello, in living conditions. In addition, it allows the relocation and consolidation of productive projects.

3, Restore community security promptly and without delay through a plan assigned by the National Security Unit.

4. Guaranteed conditions of living and stabilization in the receiving area of ​​the displaced community. This includes leasing and temporary housing measures on San Jose property or where there is agreement with the community.

Similarly, they call for the inclusion of a comprehensive emergency route in the event of individual and mass displacement situations in the Strategic Security and Protection Plan (PESP), which, in addition to safeguards, includes action in economic, health and educational matters. and to guarantee the reintegration and political participation of displaced men and women, in particular the woman signing the peace process and the councilor of the municipality of La Macarena, Karen Andrea Flores Duran.

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