La Trocha, the story of beer produced by former FARC fighters with whom Santos and Timochenko celebrated five years after the signing of the peace deal

U.S.A.La Trocha, the story of beer produced by former...

Since 2019, a group of 10 former Farc-EP fighters and peace accord signers have launched a craft beer that will revolutionize the market from its production plant. The drinks were arranged in late May of that year when they announced they were completely Trained to produce it: “Soon to market,” Post said.

And so, in July 2019 he launched his product and opened his social networks with which he started promoting the second beer made by ex-guerrillas after ‘La Rosa’. In the case of ‘La Trocha’ it is 5.5% alcohol and an ale porter type drink that is made in the capital of the country.

The idea was given to a group looking to work on a project without knowing they would end up making the beer, as he told Canal Institutional, this was thanks to a group from the National University, concerned with Colleagues from Ubaté (Cundinamarca) and who worked with the drink began to get to know the process.

With regard to the name, there was a long discussion between them as they did not want to be related to their past all the time and wanted to be seen as something negative. ,We knew that we needed something to show our identity, to show our roots, because we came from racking, walking down many streets and knew that the fastest way to get to a place is on the trail and at times, it also protected us”, he told Canal Institutional.

Doris Suarez, one of the team members and the only woman in the process of reincorporation who started the project, assures that it is a difficult path but one of continuous learning. For his part, Eduardo Yanes said that The project was born into their conversation, as friends and in the process they were working on learning about sales, marketing, etc.

Actually, she was about to go to the field for a Territorial Training and Reincorporation Space (ETCR). But a ‘comrade’ convinced her to stay in Bogotá, despite promises of a peace deal that called for comprehensive rural reform, she met at El Pais de Espaa. Her friend invited her to the project as she takes over from former President Santos this Wednesday for the second time.

Suarez said, “In addition to the ten colleagues who are part of this team, there are many people around who are also benefiting and we are also the dynamic of the economy.” ‘La Trocha’ is found in bars and can be ordered at home. Doris plans to export the product and create a school of craft brewers, all with the help of Inpulsa, an organization that supports entrepreneurship in Colombia.

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in dialogue CountryDoris also named La Casa de la Paz, the place where the main headquarters of ‘La Trocha’ are located. He said, “The Home of Peace, a place where we not only make visible products of other former combatants and victims of conflict, but is also becoming a benchmark for reconciliation and collective care where many of the city’s cultural expressions meet. ” Spanish media.

as he told Time, despite the fact that the project started at 100% in January 2020, the distribution of beer was slowed down by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time he assured that his sales were focused on social networks and by August, he had sales in Cali, Medellin and Bogotá.

Doris told the Spanish newspaper that he was proud to be part of the project and the efforts he made. “I am still here, at home on the path, in a home of peace, with my team, with the certainty that we can all fit in this diverse Colombia, that we can understand each other about pain and blood. will manage.”

meeting this Wednesday Santos and Timochenko spoke about the current state of the final peace agreement and noted the shortcomings that the current government of President Duque has in the implementation of the document, particularly with regard to commitments made to victims and the protection of the former – Fighters..

Despite the problems, Timochenko assures Santos that he remains “persistent” with peace. The former leader of the Fark sent a signal to the national government, but invited the duke to work out the agreement.

“You who have had difficulties on your part and whom I have given difficulties on my part, we are there and we will continue. As I said this morning, this peace train that many want to derail and others stop And keep on going… Now we have a new passenger, President Ivan Duque. Rest assured that we’ll keep our commitment and despite the odds, they won’t scare us. You’ll have to get the Duke on a complete peace train , ”Timochenko told Santos.

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Duke has not been notified of a change in the status of the fork in the United States.
“Beyond the division and polarization that the referendum left us, we must focus on building a country in peace”: Alejandro Gaviria

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