Lakers End the Nightmare, Hot Warriors

SportsLakers End the Nightmare, Hot Warriors

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DETROIT – Continued NBA 2021/2022 presents five games today, Monday (22/11/2021). Among them involve the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles (LA) Lakers.

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An exciting match occurred when the Detroit Pistons hosted the Lakers at Little Caesars Arena. The Lakers, who had previously lost three in a row, tried to get up.

Entering the first quarter the Lakers managed to lead by six points over the Pistons. Not wanting to be left behind, the hosts could turn things around in the next two quarters.

However, LeBron James et al did not remain silent. In the fourth quarter they managed to dominate the match by gaining 20 additional points.

The result of the match closed with a 121-116 Lakers victory over the Pistons, with details 30-26, 31-42, 31-23 and 37-17. Thus the visitors can treat wounds, especially after being humiliated by the Boston Celtics 108-130.

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In that away match, Anthony Davis became the top scorer for the Lakers. He got a double-double with 30 points and 10 rebounds in 40 minutes. Meanwhile, Jerami Grant of the Pistons scored 36 points in 37 minutes.

In the other match the Warriors managed to beat the Toronto Raptors at the Chase Center Arena. Acting as the host, the Warriors easily dominated the match and won from the first to the third quarter.

Meanwhile, in the fourth quarter the match was closed with the Warriors and Raptors having to share the points. The Warriors finally won 119-104, with the details of the score 36-24, 25-23, 31-30 and 27-27.

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