Las Vegas ‘stands with Ukraine’ by auditioning for strippers from war-torn country, rocking joint

A strip club outside Las Vegas is supporting Ukrainians in their fight against Russian aggression by hiring strippers from the war-torn country.

Venue Little Darlings recently put out an ad on their club’s sign that read: “Audition for Ukrainian strippers now.”

The ad also includes a Ukrainian flag and the words “We stand with Ukraine” underneath.

Club manager Pete Dotorre told FOX5 that they had hired a Ukrainian dancer who noticed the sign.

When asked if the ad was inappropriate, Dotorre insisted: “We stand by them, it’s not [anything] belittle them. “

He added: “We feel that if we can help in any way, that’s the best way we can do it, maybe help someone work.”

Not everyone agrees with the club. Local business Mary Grace Yniguez asked FOX5 why there was no alternative.

“Why not [they] Offer an executive position in Little Darlings – why not [the club] Give her a management position? ” she says.

Little Darlings is known for its striking signage. In 2015, the syndicate released an ad that read “Auditions for the Class of 2015 now.”

“It’s more about how far can we go?” Dotorre said of the club’s advertising practices.

“It’s a job,” he added. “If we exploit men, we won’t exploit women.”

Little Darlings did not respond to The Washington Post’s request for comment.

US News.

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