Laskar Padjajaran Mandatory Three Points!

SportsLaskar Padjajaran Mandatory Three Points!

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SLEMAN – Persikabo 1973 set a high target when they later served Persipura Jayapura in the 13th match of Liga 1 2020/2021 at the Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman, Monday (22/10) afternoon WIB. Three points become a fixed price for Laskar Padjajaran.

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This is to break the series of minor results of Laskar Padjajaran which has never won in the last five matches. Coach Igor Kriushenko admits his team is difficult to win. That’s why he wants to give positive results for the people of Bogor.

“There are several reasons why the last five matches have not received maximum results. One of them is the defense line, this is still our homework too, and this is a tough task for the coaching team as well,” explained Igor.

“Of course, we hope to show a good game and please the residents of Bogor. We want to get positive results,” he continued, on the LIB’s official website.

Persikabo’s opportunity to get maximum points is wide open. This is because Persipura is in a chaotic condition. In addition to 11 players who will be absent, Black Pearl has also just been left by coach Jacksen F Thiago.

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However, Igor stressed to the players not to focus too much on Persipura’s condition. Moreover, the absence of several pillars can make the opposing reserve players have the potential to perform better than the others.

“I always emphasize, don’t focus on the opposing team. Maybe some Persipura players are absent, but we don’t know the back-up players are stronger than the absent players, which becomes more difficult for us,” explained Igor.

On the other hand, Igor also focused on recovering the players from the previous match. He also said he would rotate players in a number of positions.

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“So what is important is our own preparation. Our main task after the last game is recovery. So who played yesterday so that we can be more prepared for the game against Persipura,” said the Belarusian coach.


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