Laura Buzzo assures she hid from justice for health reasons: “I’ll starve to death if they explode”

U.S.A.Laura Buzzo assures she hid from justice for health...

Laura Bozo was also subject to a red card issued by Interpol Photo: Archive

Laura Bozo He paid for the precautionary measure imposed on him on 11 August. At that time, the FGR ordered preventive detention for the presenter for tax evasion, but Bozzo did not comply with the order and did not appear in Santiagto Prison, so on 18 August, the FGR asked Interpol for 190 to arrest him. Red card requested. Country. Against this background, the host of Laura in America preferred to comply with what was demanded and today, November 22, it became official that The arrest warrant against him was suspended permanently after paying 2 lakh 600 thousand mexican pesos as a guarantee.

“I am happy with the way things are going, that I am going through a time of panic, but here I am. Kisses to my audience who I know are very concerned about me. Thank God a settlement has already been reached and the whole truth always comes out”. chismoreo This Monday afternoon.

And it is that a federal judge signed off on the definitive suspension that indefinitely bars the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) from executing the arrest warrants that exist against the television presenter. Consequent upon the procedure to be followed for the alleged sale of property confiscated by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) 12 million pesos,

This was announced by the host on his social network (Photo: Twitter / Laurabojo)
This was announced by the host on his social network (Photo: Twitter / Laurabojo)

After three months without knowing anything about the whereabouts of the self-proclaimed “advocate for the poor”, Laura assures that she was not hiding to escape justice as had been anticipated, but to look after her health. took shelter for

“I followed my lawyer’s orders directly, people always see me as strong, but I’ve had clinically diagnosed depression since I was very young, so I can’t deal with a confinement, He hurt me a lot with such things. I was fighting for my life, I said ‘if I don’t owe it, I ain’t afraid of it’, but going to jail is really hard, painful, it’s not because I’m afraid, these people are mine People and I love them, but it’s because of my health problem,” he said.

Thus Bozo decided not to appear with the authorities, and handle the prosecution at your discretion and through lawyers, so as not to put your life at risk:

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,For a year I had an open stomach which I had to fix every day. I have to take care of myself every day, I have to take care of my diet because I have diverticula that if they burst I’m going to die, and so many other things, I have to defend my life,” They said.

Laura Buzzo returned to the social network after she ran away from justice.  (Photo: Instagram)
Laura Buzzo returned to the social network after she ran away from justice. (Photo: Instagram)

It was also said that the Peru dispute may have escaped from the country where she has lived for years and in which she has already been nationalized as a citizen, however, she clarified it as follows:

,I can’t say anything about the subject where I was or anything, I save that for my seriesAlso, I wasn’t at anyone’s house, I was in Mexico, I’ve never been to nor will I ever leave Mexico, I just protected my health and thank God Mexican justice allowed me to appear in court. Given a chance, I have gone to court, to pay, given me definite suspension”, he insisted.

Laura explained that it is so far when she comes forward in the experience on the advice of her lawyers that she describes as “terror”:

“There ain’t no such thing as freedom, to hide, for the first time in my life, It was an experience of terror, I like three years of three years of detention in Peru To be completely acquitted of justice, I prefer a thousand times to hide it. It was a pain for me, I thought, ‘what will people think’ and he told me that your life is first. I would have run to jail for myself, but I have to pay attention,” said the lawyer.

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