Laura Tobone also makes her debut in animated cinema and is not in the movie ‘Encanto’

U.S.A.Laura Tobone also makes her debut in animated cinema...

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It’s no secret that many women in entertainment are close to becoming mothers; Some have been there before, while others experience motherhood for the first time. This is the case of Laura Tobone, who is waiting for her firstborn, Luca.

In short, the presenter couldn’t hide her stomach when she was in “La Voz Kids” and “La Voz Senior”, where she shared a dressing room with Laura Acuna. Now that the 2021 edition of both formats is out, the 31-year-old from Bogota decided to venture into other aspects of the show, and recently surprised many of her fans with the announcement of a new project.

Via his Instagram profile, Tobón announced that he would be making his debut in animated cinema, and Not exactly contributing his voice in the movie ‘Encanto’, but with ‘Sing 2’, whose story focuses on a cast of animals preparing to appear on a show in the ‘Entertainment Capital’. Along the way, he will have many doubts and obstacles to present himself, even the fact of being the lone star to ever finish the show.

“So happy to be a part of this beautiful family and to share with you the official trailer of Sing 2 Come Sing Again!”, wrote the presenter at the bottom of the publication, which, in fact, includes a preview of the feature film, which will be released in Colombia on December 2. In the message, he challenged his followers to guess the character for which he would voice dub in Latin Spanish.

The post was filled with positive comments; In fact, many of his fans congratulated him on participating in the film and others took the opportunity to express their love for the first part of ‘Sing’. It is noteworthy that the other Colombians who will be part of the Latin dubbing are Sebastian Martinez, Grecian Rendon, while The soundtrack will feature voices like Jay Balvin, Bad Bunny and Camila Cabello, in others.

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“What begins as a dream of great success becomes an emotional reminder of the power of music to heal even the most broken heart”, is the message that the feature film, produced by Illumination, owned by Universal Pictures, wants to convey.

But Laura Tobone hasn’t just been a trend to confirm her participation in ‘Sing 2’, but rather He has also generated hundreds of reactions to show the progress in his son Luca’s growth.

On this same platform, the model has been in charge of revealing all the news of her first child and often boasts of her massive belly size. But several days ago he drew attention to the publication first picture of your baby And incidentally, he showed his taste for astrology, asking about the zodiac sign what would happen to the child, Sagittarius or Scorpio; It further means that he is about to be born.

via Instagram (laura_tobon)

As expected, this snapshot became very popular on the platform, reaching over 76k ‘likes’ and nearly 750 comments from fans and friends eagerly awaiting Lucca’s birth.

Celebrities such as Christina Hurtado—who is also pregnant—, Lena Polania, Maleja Restrepo, Laura Acuna, Carolina Soto and Yelena Jakom, reacted positively to the image with various emoji and congratulatory reproductions.

On the other hand, lvaro Rodriguez, her husband and father of the child, took the opportunity to ask “Will this look like me?”

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