Laura Zapata throws herself at Harry Styles fans in a heated discussion

U.S.A.Laura Zapata throws herself at Harry Styles fans in...

The actress got into a lengthy discussion with fans of the former One Direction member (Photos: Cuartocuro – @harrystyles / IG)

On 18 November, a Twitter account published an image of Former One Direction unified, Harry Styles. In the picture, the young singer was seen wearing a blue outfit, a picnic basket, blush makeup and holding slippers against a country background.

singer Constantly challenges gender roles Modeling skirts and other garments associated with femininity, which is why the account wrote “Ladies, be honest. Are you attracted to him?”

Laura Zapata Initially found the above tweet and quoted by writing “So terrible! She must be sick! (to feel the attraction)”. This comment caused a huge wave of criticism from fans of the singer, as the name of the actress also became a trend within this social network.

It was this comment that sparked the fight (Photo: Twitter / @LAURAZAPATAM)
It was this comment that sparked the fight (Photo: Twitter / @LAURAZAPATAM)

thousands of internet users They began to insult, correct and criticize Laura Zapata Because he believed his remarks were intolerable, first, for using the word “sick” as an insult and second, for being discredited by clothing. Harry Styles.

“Oh ma’am! The man is 27 years old and I don’t think I want to go out with older women”, “Does being sick mean learning to respect others, no matter what kind of clothes they wear? That’s why I’m sick, I see your comment as completely unnecessary” and “Women over 40 now have social networks Shouldn’t be true” were just a few of the hundreds of comments the actress received.

There were also messages in between the tweets where he explained that that’s why people liked this actress’s sister Thalia and on the other hand also made some memes, There were comments where Styles fans tried to take the situation with humor And he posted dozens of photos of the singer to show that he is attractive.

Some fans of the young man tried to make him look attractive (Photo: Twitter / @LAURAZAPATAM)
Some fans of the young man tried to make him look attractive (Photo: Twitter / @LAURAZAPATAM)

Typically, when an artist fights with the public, they do not continue the thread of discussion, but rather Laura Zapata didn’t hold back and continued to cite all the tweets in response to her expression. However, some users reported that she was blocked for insulting her and even posted screenshots and minutes later, the actress He made fun of his own actions.

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,I don’t mind if they tell me I’m 60, 70 or 80… or if I am in the third or fourth age. What strikes me is that this generation reacts with so much anger and pain to my choice of remarks. I don’t like a man dressed as a woman, or as a girl, I’m not attracted to it”, meanwhile replied the actress.

started like this The great battle between the “fandom” of the versatile singer and Mexican television actress, On the other hand, some Laura Zapata fans agreed with the idea of ​​Famous and were against those who admired Harry Styles.

The actress admitted that she was blocking people (Photo: Twitter / @LAURAZAPATAM)
The actress admitted that she was blocking people (Photo: Twitter / @LAURAZAPATAM)

“They are the crystal generation, Laurita, she puts it very bluntly, to know whether they find it attractive or not”, “Frankly speaking, there is a severe lack of control in this generation!” And “they’re just a bunch of teens, don’t mind” were just some of the helpful comments Laura Zapata received.

Throughout the night Laura Zapata continued to tweet about the situation and He did not hesitate to defend his argumentHe also used irony to suggest that Harry Styles looks handsome in other photos.

In an unusual battle, Laura Zapata retweeted messages against inclusive language, explained that “He didn’t like gays” and also took the opportunity to rant against Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), President of Mexico.

Amidst the discussion, people remembered their old controversies (Photo: Twitter / @LAURAZAPATAM)
Amidst the discussion, people remembered their old controversies (Photo: Twitter / @LAURAZAPATAM)

after several hours of discussion Zapata “to sleep” who criticized him and reiterated that while they were making up, he made fun of the situation and that’s why he gave them the “pleasure” to have a conversation with him.

“Well, they already bore me. Now go to sleep. Keep talking about my good or bad, if I’m not really angry with what they tell me. If they are still here, I give them a lot of attention. I know I’m hypnotized. Dream about me, and how important you feel to have a conversation with me,” he wrote in one of his latest tweets.

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