Learn how to unsubscribe from an email in Gmail

U.S.A.Learn how to unsubscribe from an email in Gmail

A simple trick for Gmail users. Photo: Spread.

Platform GmailApart from various updates to your system, it is one of the most impressive resources in the digital world. It allows you to send email through any account associated with or Google,

However, this usually happens in situations of sending emails without checking beforehand and we were not missing any documents or messages for the recipient.

Along these lines, there can be problems if it’s work coordination or you’re applying for a vacancy for an important position and you can’t send another email. So how to fix it? Gmail has a simple trick to override these actions.

How to activate it and apply the trick

Highlight that this option is automatically disabled.

-To activate it, you need to enter your email from PC, Laptop or Computer.

-Then go to the nut icon in the top right corner, click and you will get “view all settings”.

-When you get to that section, there will be several tabs where you have to choose the one that says ‘General’.

-Then, look for the ‘Undo Send’ option and select ’30 Seconds’.

– To test it, compose a message and when you accidentally hit send, you can recover it.

At the bottom there will be two options: one where you have already sent the email and another called ‘Undo’. Click on the latter to retrieve emails sent by mistake.

Gmail trick.
Gmail trick.

Steps to delete previous mail

– Sign in with your account information.

-Then use the search bar at the top of the page.

– Type the name of the contact you want to delete.

-Choose the most relevant contact from the suggestions.

Tap on the three-dot menu next to the contact’s name.

Click on Delete.

-Procedure confirmed, the contact will be removed from the Gmail database.


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To start the Google verification process, you need to follow these simple steps so that your account is secure on the Internet:

Step 1: Open your Google Account.

Step 2: Enter the navigation panel and select the option that says “Security“.

Step 3: In the “Access Google” section, choose 2-Step Verification and then get started.

Step 4: Follow the steps that appear on the screen.

Important Fact: You should keep in mind that the accounts that will need to be verified have an educational institution or workstation, as administered. If you experience any inconvenience in completing the process, you should contact the people responsible for the area.

Steps to Close Gmail Remotely

There is a simple trick to avoid these complications, learn it below. take note:

-Access the application, on your trusted computer or laptop Gmail.

-Search yourself in the inbox and scroll down with the mouse until you reach the email limit.

-At the bottom right you will see a small link that says description, just below the last account activity information.

-You have to click on that link and a new window will open with all the recently opened sessions.

-When knowing that your Gmail session is still open on the external computer you are currently using, You will see an option enabled that says Quit all other web sessions.

– Press that option and you’re done, Your Gmail account may have been locked on another device. The only thing you have to do is open it on the computer you’re going to use, without fear that someone else will take over.

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