Left shoulder pain, medicine and acupuncture are useless, doctor: tendon lengthening stone

The doctor said that there is also a possibility of stones in the joint pain and that the symptoms can be improved with shock wave therapy.Reporter Hu Ruiling / Photography

Ms. Lee, a 65-year-old fast-fry shop owner in Taiwan, had been suffering from left side pain for a long time. He was first treated with acupuncture and moxibustion, and then transferred to the neurology department to take medication. For 3 months, but she still could not fully improve. Got stones, but Lee Env doesn’t wantProceeding, so switch to shock wave therapy. Physicians say calcific tendinitis is a difficult and distressing condition, and shock wave therapy is a short and time-consuming option.

Lee Envy said the pain in his left shoulder is a year old. She saw a Chinese medicine doctor for the first time and received acupuncture and moxibustion for more than half a year. Although the pain could be eased slightly, it could not be cured. She turned to the Department of Neurology. The pain is relieved, but the pain remains the same without medication. Although rehabilitation treatment is intermittent during this period, it may not improve.

Lee Envy said that in early March this year, the symptoms turned into severe pain. She would often jump and turn in the middle of the night and could not sleep. She woke up every night with pain, so she turned for help.bone disease, Magnetic resonance imaging examination showed that there was a slight tear in the rotator tendon of the left shoulder, combined with a 10 * 3 mm football-shaped calcification (commonly known as a stone). Since she did not want to undergo surgery, she was transferred to the rehabilitation department of Zhongxing Hospital District of Beijing Union Medical College for shock wave treatment.

Wu Junjie, director of the Rehabilitation Department, found that Li NavijianojointRange of motion was limited, the supraspinatus tendon was attached to the humeral head with marked tender points, and the empty cane test was also markedly painful. To reduce sticking, apart from teaching shoulder movement, shock wave therapy is also arranged. Although shock wave therapy is a self-funded project, after clarification, Lee Envy is ready to try it.

Wu Junjie said that a week after the first shock wave treatment, Li Env’s pain improved significantly, but when it happened in the morning, the pain was reduced by 50%. After another shock wave treatment, there was only mild pain in a certain angle. One month Lee Env said she had found 90% relief, and followed the doctor’s advice to exercise the joint every day. Wu said that calcific tendinitis is a prickly and annoying disease, and shock wave therapy is actually an option among many treatment methods with good effect and less time-consuming. 2 times of shock wave therapy for 5 to 10 minutes each time may be important. improve.

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