LEGO’s next batch of official and unofficial sets are out on May 17, and you’ll want to hurry

If you consider yourself a LEGO fan, you’ll want to read this story and visit the site by Tuesday, May 17 at 10AM ET / 1PM ET.That’s because Lego is about to officially launch its third, and possibly last, batch unofficial The set goes on sale, and you can use your dollars to vote for five fan-made creations that will come to life.

These LEGO sets were designed by fans, not the Danish bricklayers themselves, and LEGO initially rejected each one. Now, though, LEGO’s Bricklink Designers program is giving the gorgeous 1950s dining room, working waterfall, huge train station, steampunk science lab a second chance at being an official LEGO star.

The sets are built and shipped by LEGO itself, 10% of the proceeds will go back to the creator’s work, and the five winners will be limited to 10,000 pieces each.Most of them are over $200 and expensive and LEGO only ships them to 31 countries, but a favorite might be coming soon! Last time, the LEGO store set was the fastest.

It’s a glorious creation vying for your attention this time around.

First up, the $129.99 1950s Diner, the original version submitted in March 2016:

Winter Cabin for $199.99 originally submitted in October 2017:



Space Troopers, priced at $199.99, have had a modular spaceship concept since 2011:

space troopers


$229.99 working waterfall with some notable improvements to the December 2019 submission (sorry, I couldn’t resist):

working waterfall 1

working waterfall 2

$299.99 Steam Powered Science Lab, originally submitted as Exploration Pavilion in January 2020:

steampunk lab lego


1946214.9CFCAFB1DD8EF8C5 1

$319.99 Mountain View Terrace and its floor-by-floor detachable floor, submitted in February 2016:


mountain view 2

mountain view 3

A modular building site for $319.99, also from 2016:



$399.99 Train Station: Studgate, originally submitted May 2019:


Love seeing those clear rolling garage doors put to such good use.



Last but not least, Brickwest Studios originally submitted in April 2020 for $349.99.

brickwest 1

brickwest 2

While they’re technically crowdfunded, there’s a slim chance they won’t ship — again, it’s all Lego. When the ordering process for the first round of Forest Castle went down, LEGO complied with those orders and made more. But Lego does only ship to those 31 countries, and it may be a long time before you see them: this batch won’t ship until spring 2023.

Here’s our story about the last batch of winning episodes:


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