“Let them kill themselves”: Aguilla’s plea for CJNG’s drug war against the United Cartel

U.S.A."Let them kill themselves": Aguilla's plea for CJNG's drug...

Troops stand on Tecolote Bridge (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

settlers of aguilla who live in the midst of a drug war between Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) against united cartel they appear for Demand that the army let the dispute flow By Michoacan,

NS four letter cartel His . mobilized social base of supportMILF mixed between forced resident and in legitimate demand for something else abundance To bear the cost of blocked roads that do not allow them to provide supplies, work or sell their products.

forces of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, NS mencho, have resorted to the same opponent pressure method, who pretend to be self-defense groups, start messages with women and children or confront officers with white T-shirts Ask the government for help against your enemies,

This demonstration against soldiers takes place in a context where Michoacan Police, National Guard And this Army They Reinforced patrols in areas dominated by United Cartelswhere they come together viagra, Trojan target, Tepalcatepec Cartel, Knights Templar, michoacan family, and the rest of the cells that don’t want to leave the plaza cjng,

Resident they don’t want anything like buenavista, where the Oseguera Cervantes operators had gained land, but with the cooperation of the authorities ended up retreating before the United Cartel members returned under the pretext of saving a social leader. Something that has been alleged was a sham. After that Viagra abuse also returned,

Residents fear Viagra will return to Aguilla as it happened in Buenavista (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)
Residents fear Viagra will return to Aguilla as it happened in Buenavista (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

,If they come again, we put 2,000 people here to stop themsaid Habakuk Solorzano, a 39-year-old farmer who leads a civilian movement involving the military. mencho,

NS Aguilla residents are fed up with the military’s strategy To differentiate CJNG from Viagra.

So far, she allows policy aides united cartel, those who extort and collect fees, place Barricades and checkpoints have blocked all commerce with the municipality.

Be sure to leave lemons and animals, or supplies coming pay war tax on viagrasi,

,We want you to kill us, instead of criminals killing us!“A demonstrator shouted at soldiers during an hour-long tense confrontation at the height of the call” Tecolote BridgeWhere the army set up its camp.

they were around 500 people Their faces were covered, with sticks, slings and stones which they did not use. This demonstration took place on 16 November. Resident they want the army to fight both factions or at least Come face to face with two criminal organizations.

The drug war has evolved with the use of drones (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)
The drug war has evolved with the use of drones (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

,let the cartel kill itselfOne protester shouted. “The Jalisco Cartel is going to run into everyone!”

In the meantime, a dozen soldiers It was hidden behind a cover of car tires. Inactive, Army listens to demands for human shields raised by CJNG, The opinion about opening the way to the drug war is very widespread.

“What This city needs a strong cartel to come in and take control and impose some glimpse of Please calm downSaid a local priest. “So far, everything indicates that this group is Jalisco.”

but above all, What residents want Viagra to remove seals from And the road reopens, Because they sometimes have to travel on these closed roads, none of the residents wanted to be named for fear of reprisal.

“NS We have blocked the only national entrance to the city of Aguilla and is controlled by a cartel, which is just 500 meters away from you (the military), and you are not doing anything So that our right to free movement can be fulfilled.”

About 500 people gathered to restore their free movement (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)
About 500 people gathered to restore their free movement (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

“You They don’t know how hard it is for us to pay for war who comes to kill us,” he added of the illegal outpost that lives in Viagra Northern Division,

federal officials he is the chief Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador they have chosen preserve remain so And let each faction be in its territory. But the CJNG will not accept the government as an intermediary for the regional divisions of drug trafficking groups.

A local leader of the criminal group reiterated that The army is only trying to protect the weak of the two groups, Viagra, for reasons of corruption.

NS CJNG is everywhere in AguillaFrom homemade vans and armored cars to cartel initials Small trampolines that the organization has set up for children in each village,

Neighbors revealed that They were pressured to join the protest And they agreed fearing that their water or electricity would be cut off. Others are tired of paying for Viagra and remain isolated from the outside world.

The military is in the midst of a dominance of criminal groups (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)
The military is in the midst of a dominance of criminal groups (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

A protester told how his father died in early 2020 because Viagra didn’t let him go to the hospital,

NS cjng It is the only cartel in Mexico that does not hide what it is and does not play public relations politics with the press or moderation. Residents alleged that Cartel Unidos co-opts media as part of discourse to expose itself as victim,

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,we are narcissisticSaid the local leader, who did not give his name. “Let everyone dedicate themselves.” and added that they are facing problems with Viagra and other local gangs because “they want everything for themselves.” “

Oseguera Cervantes’s Armies They save their military from profits by filling America’s streets with fentanyl and methamphetamine, Where is the cocaine consignment shipped, in part? Costa Rica,

,scorpion says he needs goods”, remarked a member of the criminal group to his boss. Subject was driving a pickup truck full of cartel men armed with assault rifles AR15,

CJNG builds up its social base (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)
CJNG builds up its social base (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

The leader arrived in his own truck and handed the co-pilot a plastic bag that looked like a kilogram of cocaine, apparently meant for “soldiers”.

CJNG operators understand brute force; for the moment, They don’t bother the residents of Aiguilla much., because it is not necessary. but If they suspect someone is actively working for Viagra or giving them information, that person’s life expectancy is likely to be very short,

Local chiefs refute the government‘s claim that cartels like Jalisco are having trouble recruiting youth because of the current administration’s employment and training programs for them.

,It depends on the type of youth“, he says. Some go with it (scholarships, or youth building a future program), he explains, “but others, people who sleep under bridges come here and think they are in paris‘Here is the food”, he added.

“I make it clear to my people that they come here to fight,” he says.

Beyond food, regular pay and unlimited medicines, The CJNG also provides a kind of family structure to its young soldiers., Everyone, including the local boss, refers to their immediate superior as “Apa”, the way a child would say “Papa”.

United Cartels pose as self-defense groups (Photo: Facebook @onenceNoticiasTV)
United Cartels pose as self-defense groups (Photo: Facebook @onenceNoticiasTV)

Too many united cartel like from Jaliscos Bomb-carrying drones have been developed, and the most feared warrior in these battlefields is the “drone”, the operator of these devices. Warfare has improved with this type of equipment, and it is not uncommon to see barn roofs or metal sheds open like cans from the effects of drone explosions.

Locals also claim, although there is little evidence beyond a few potholes on the roads, that Cartels are starting to use landmines,

In view of this, the Mexican government has resorted to a powerful letter to contain the CJNG: helicopters black falcon Equipped with rotating-barrel electric machine guns that can fire 6,000 rounds per minute.

that Weapons are banned in most countries in civil conflicts. this is the type of rifle that the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He says he doesn’t want to anymore. But for the time being, it is such a huge armed force that is holding back the CJNG.

,we set fire to two trucks“The boss of the local gang said about the machine guns. When wachos (soldiers) from the helicopter, with the minigun, nothing to do there, you stand aside”.

Residents told soldiers to stand aside (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)
Residents told soldiers to stand aside (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

It is not clear if it will remain like this for long. CJNG is known for two things: to be Mexico’s most armed cartel and the only one to have shot down a military helicopter, as they did in 2015 and killed eight soldiers as well as a policeman.

The firepower of this group includes light machine guns, .50 caliber sniper rifles and 40 mm grenades and launchers.

The government, fearing the kind of bloodshed that began in 2018 when the Jalisco cartel moved to neighboring Guanajuato state, now has an impractical policy of protecting the gang’s territorial divisions and a narrow military leadership.

An army captain, who did not give his name and tried to speak to Aguilla demonstrators, expressed the position.

,How are we going to allow Mexicans to kill each other?Said, “It just can’t be.”

The CJNG is one of the most dangerous criminal groups on the planet (Photo: CUARTOSCURO.COM)
The CJNG is one of the most dangerous criminal groups on the planet (Photo: CUARTOSCURO.COM)

However, residents are caught in a drug war with no immediate option to ensure their free movement.

One determining factor is that he suspects officials of complicity with the United Cartel. The fight has thus been escalated to the point of desperation, where the only way out seems to be pax narca,

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