Home Celebrity News Lewis Koo gives way to handsome young actor to star in Hong Kong drama “Anti-Corruption Storm: Crypto Crisis”

Lewis Koo gives way to handsome young actor to star in Hong Kong drama “Anti-Corruption Storm: Crypto Crisis”

Lewis Koo gives way to handsome young actor to star in Hong Kong drama “Anti-Corruption Storm: Crypto Crisis”

hong konghas launched a series of films titled in EnglishLetterLouis Koo has played leading roles in anti-corruption film debuts, from “Jade Storm” to “Ji Storm”. “Anti-Corruption Storm: Crypto Crisis,” scheduled to be released on February 23, looks to be similar. series but it has different characters. And in the story, the main male protagonist was replaced by Ng Zhuoxi, who was born in a popular Hong Kong drama. He has played the role of a policeman on the small screen in the past. I thought that this time he would play the role of an ICAC officer and there would not be so many action scenes. Unsurprisingly, the crew actually closed down streets in Central for filming. The fast-paced scene took him by surprise.

Wu Zhuoxi, who has become famous for his popular dramas such as “Up to the Sky” and “The Legend of the Two Dragons of the Tang Dynasty”, will star in a new series of anti-corruption films “Anti-Corruption” for the first time. Corruption Storm: Crypto Crisis”. In addition to speeding cars and boat racing, the action sequences continued in the trailer, with fans also surprised to see Golden Horse Award-winning actress Ng Kar-lai and comedy superstar “Happy Ghost” Wong Pak. I Will join the cast.

Wu Zhuoxi plays the director of the Independent Commission Against Corruption in “Anti-Corruption Storm: Crypto Crisis”. His personality is calm and careful, but he is a super workaholic who will do anything to investigate the truth. He originally thought that the drama would focus on investigating corruption, but he did not expect that the action scenes would be continuous and become a test of physical strength. He couldn’t help but laugh and said, “I didn’t expect that when I was working as ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption), I would have more action scenes than when I play a police officer. “, but the most important thing is to shoot it beautifully and stylishly, so that the audience finds it amazing.”

The most unforgettable thing for Wu Zhuxi was that the crew put a lot of effort into filming the high-speed scene by blocking the streets in Central, and even borrowed a lot of luxury cars, so that the performance Got very excited during the race, because there were a lot of cars on the roads, racing luxury cars, which was really exciting. Additionally, because the crew arranged for road closures, they had the opportunity to perform in the middle of the busiest road. It is impossible to stay here on weekdays. This opportunity is very rare and the audience cannot miss it.

Wu Zhuoxi (middle) stars in “Anti-Corruption Storm: Crypto Crisis”.Photo/Provided by Huaying

Golden Horse Best Actress Kari Ng also
Golden Horse Best Actress Kari Ng has also joined the cast of “Anti-Corruption Storm: Crypto Crisis”.Photo/Provided by Huiying



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