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Liaoning Dandong father and daughter look at the yellow code and the reason for the police conflict network: are you waiting to die at home

A woman and her father were on their way out to see a doctor in Dandong, Liaoning, China because their health code was yellow.policeInterrupted, and a physical conflict broke out in communication between the two sides. The Dandong police later detained the woman for ten days for obstructing the performance of her duties, and criminal punitive measures were taken against her father on suspicion of assaulting a police officer. However, netizens said that the police went too far, and even a media person Hu Zijin expressed solidarity with the father and daughter.

Netease News reported that the 41-year-old woman and her 70-year-old father were on their way to the hospital on the 22nd to see a doctor and get medicine, but police checking the cards on the street found that the woman had a yellow code and was traveling. could not. The woman said the community had issued a certificate that she could go to the hospital to get the medicine, and she also tested negative for nucleic acid in the morning. But the police stopped her and could not leave.

During the conversation, the woman was suspected of being pushed to the ground by the police. His father went ahead and slapped the policeman in anger. The policeman suspected that he had fallen to the ground, and asked his colleague, “Have you recorded it? Have you recorded it?”

On the evening of the 22nd, the Revitalization Branch of the Dandong Public Security Bureau informed that the father and daughter involved were twice stopped on duty by the police as their health codes were displayed as yellow codes. The woman refused to comply. did denyepidemic preventionIt was decided that he got down from the car and started an argument with the police. During this process, his father stepped forward and hit the police in the face. The woman is currently in administrative custody for 10 days for obstructing the performance of her duties, and her father has taken criminally mandated measures on suspicion of assaulting a police officer.

After the news spread, the father and daughter received sympathy and support from the netizens. Most of the netizens scolded the police. Netizens asked, “Should the Yellow Code wait to die at home?” “Death in bed is the greatest contribution to police work” !

Hu Zijin, former editor-in-chief of the Global Times, also expressed solidarity with the father and daughter. He says,EpidemicSince the outbreak, interruption of usual medical treatment has been one of the most abhorrent manifestations of one-size-fits-all epidemic prevention. Further, the information in the video also shows that although the father and daughter have a yellow code, they have a community-issued medical certificate (the latter a community-issued medical certificate displayed online). was done), as well as negative nucleic acid. Test results of the day. The social consensus built around the frequent fights over when to see a doctor during a pandemic. In such circumstances, the public would think that the police should provide assistance.

Another reason is that Dandong has been closed and controlled for a very long time, and the local people have reacted strongly, and they have also received more and more sympathy from the Internet referendum. At this time, when the local police dealt with this friction, they clearly did not take into account the basic nature of public opinion surrounding Dandong’s epidemic prevention, and hit the muzzle of everyone’s feelings.

From the point of view of maintaining the authority of the police and law enforcement, the Dandong Police has a legal basis to detain and punish the father and daughter involved. However, the fierce conflict between public value judgment and judicial authority on this matter deserves careful consideration by the Dandong Police, and is also worthy of the estimates of local law enforcement agencies.


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