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HealthLifestyle: Do you use mobile phone like this.. as...

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Mobile Phones – Lifestyle: Everyone is busy in today‘s run of the mill life. Communication which has influenced modern life today is receiving better development than ever before. Everyone cannot live without computer, laptop, mobile phone. However, their use is now becoming a real problem. Medical experts accuse the development of deteriorating health by postponing it for some time. The way people are using mobiles, many types of physical problems are happening. The use of mobiles not only affects mental health but also the skin. According to Harvard Medical School, blue light affects sleep. Introducing new diseases, including retinal problems. Do you know that the use of mobile can also cause skin problems in such a situation..

skin problems

Radiation from the use of mobile phones affects the skin. However, doctors have warned that excessive use of mobile phones due to prolonged calls can lead to skin problems. He says he is unaware that the risks of other effects are increasing.

around the eyes..

If you use mobile a lot, then we should take care of the skin around the eyes regularly. For this you have to use eye cream. Heat, radiation and blue light can cause hyperpigmentation, dark spots or patches on the skin. In this case, use headphones for skin care.

dark spots on skin

If you have dark spots on your skin.. Protect your skin with a skin serum for that. Take a few drops of the serum and apply on the skin. It keeps your facial skin tight and wrinkle-free. Cell phones can also cause acne. Accelerate the condition of acne. In fact cell phones can contain a lot of bacteria.

Even on your hair and skin.

The use of mobile also affects your hair and skin. The sebum released from the hair increases the oiliness of the face. It can also lead to blackheads and acne. For oily or acne-prone skin, wipe with cotton, an astringent lotion to reduce skin oiliness. Also, due to the signs of aging in you, the effect of blue light is also changing.. It will make your skin lifeless. If you need to talk on the phone most of the time, use a “hands-free” device.

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