Liga Betplay II 2021 will have VAR on date 20 in only four games

U.S.A.Liga Betplay II 2021 will have VAR on date...

Implementation of VAR in Colombian professional football via FCF and Dimayor / (Dimayor)

Betplay II League 2021 to end all-against-all, the major division of Colombian Professional Soccer (dimayor, It was to be decided which of the 10 games to be played simultaneously this Sunday, 21 November would have the technical device of Video Referee Assistance (VAR).,

Given that there are five teams out of eight that have a mathematical chance of getting into the title fight, National football’s governing body decided to schedule all matches at 3:30 pm so that the country’s 10 stadiums had fair play as far as possible Which would host meetings without promoting economic agreements between clubs.

In addition, Diemer chose Four important games to make referees more rigorous when needed to analyze controversial plays, Keeping in view the fact that working technical equipment cost for all matches of a date is not feasible due to budget issue, The Colombian Football Federation (FCF) and Dimayor himself opted for games between Patriots FC versus Dimayor. Jaguars of Cordoba; Equity vs. Atlético Bucaramanga; Deportivo Pereira Vs. America from Cali; and Envigado FC Vs. Atlético Huila has VAR available in Tunja, Bogota, Pereira and Envigado.

On the day of 17 November, Demeier, together with the FCF National Arbitration Commission, issued an official statement calling for a review of plays to facilitate the processing of each commitment without damaging the classification of home runs from teams in these four games. Will be

All Betplay II League matches with VAR on the last date of all against 2021 / (Twitter: @Dimayor)
All Betplay II League matches with VAR on the last date of all against 2021 / (Twitter: @Dimayor)

The determination did not satisfy other clubs, for example, Independiente Santa Fe and Deportivo Independiente Medellin, who still have a mathematical chance of qualifying for the postseason. in the same way, Games like Atlético Nacional and Milanarios, combined with the intensity with which it is played and the need for ambassadors to escape the purslane team, cause the annoyance of fans waiting for technical support.,

It should be noted that eighth place will be available to come in eight Envigado, Jaguares de Cordoba, Atlético Bucaramanga, América de Cali, Independent Santa Fe or Deportivo Independent Medellin, Below is a table of positions and next matches for all the final dates against all First Division of Colombian football:

List of Positions - Liga Betplay II 2021
List of Positions – Liga Betplay II 2021

Demoir wishes that in 2022 all Colombian parties have VAR . Be

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On December 1, 2019, Colombian professional football managed to adapt to international technology to prevent arbitration disputes during the match between Junior de Barranquilla and América de Cali for the first leg final of the second half of the year.

from that day, Video Assistant Referee (VAR) became the main support tool for referees in contentious or difficult to schedule plays, but the situation did not change much, as The video refereeing system is so expensive that it is not possible to have it in all regular season games of the Betplay League.

Also absent in Betplay Cup matches, Second Division and Women’s League, equipment dispute is avoided because of frequent arbitration errors and that’s why It is imperative for clubs, fans and managers to fully implement this throughout the tournament without exception,

In that sense, Fernando Jaramillo, the president of Dimare, spoke with the Smoke Free Zone program and spoke about how important technical support is to them in the development of the Colombian First Division football tournament, which would mean a range jump in the field, These were his words about the tool’s implementation in Colombian professionalism:

I think the more games we have with VAR, the better and many mistakes can be avoided. Hopefully next semester and financially we have the resources so that all parties VAR . go with

Thus, the chairman of Demeier indicated that in order to promote a fair play championship and without arbitration errors such as has been presented in recent times, They will seek resources to keep technical equipment within reach at all stadiums in Colombia,

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