Thursday, August 4, 2022

Like a Japanese sumo wrestler? Yunnan statue accused of insulting China’s “private collection, not belonging to Japan”

Two “Zuo Bank Heights” Cultural and Tourism Block in Dali, Yunnan ProvinceobesityBy”SculptureWrong for Japanese SumoRunnersNetizens said they were suspected of insulting China and of cultural invasion. Block replied that it was a private art collection and had nothing to do with Japan, and that he had cooperated with the investigation.

According to reports from the World Wide Web and NetEase, the two sculptures were created by two professors from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with the names “yes” and “thank you” respectively. Below it is the base of the “Yes” sculpture, which is meant to invite visitors from all over the world to rest here; “Thank you” means to express gratitude, a humble and grateful heart.

The report states that some netizens believed that the idol was fat and naked. This was a completely sick man. It looked very uncomfortable and did not suit Chinese aesthetics. It was entirely a statue of a Japanese pirate sumo wrestler. Creative inspiration Does the blood of martyrs really go in vain?”

But some netizens pointed out, “This thing is also related to insulting China? Can’t the statue have diversity? People who insult China go to see anti-Japanese drama, who is not insulting China? “

“China can’t have big fat people. Otherwise, they’ll be like sumo wrestlers and insult China. Is that an argument?”

Two Chinese nude statues with round bodies and thick double chins are said to resemble Japanese sumo wrestlers. (courtesy from weibo)


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