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Lin Chiling is about 50 years old and is in very beautiful condition. She is rarely seen during the Lantern Festival and is praised as “the most beautiful person”.

Lin Chilingsince withJapanAfter actor Akira’s marriage, his life became completely focused on his family. Even though he was rarely seen on screen, he focused on charity and family. He also rarely posts on social networking sites, but because todayLantern FestivalHe also made a rare appearance to bless all his fans. Even though she is about to turn 50 this year, she still looks as young as a girl, causing netizens to praise her as “the most beautiful person.”

In the photo, Lin Chiling looks smart, with long hair like a waterfall, simple light makeup, wearing a light pink crew neck sweater, holding a bowl of Lantern Festival dumplings with cartoon patterns, showing a sweet smile and exquisite white teeth. The query is elegant and the photo is beautiful. Not only did he write a series of auspicious words in the caption, but he also added a blessing at the end: “Happy Lantern Festival!” Seeing this, netizens made pilgrimages one after another. Praising “eternal beautiful goddess”, “still very beautiful”, “the most beautiful person”, “sister is very beautiful”.

Earlier, some netizens mentioned that while eating at a Japanese restaurant, they met Lin Chiling and her son. Lin Chiling was wearing a blue and white sweater. She looked very relaxed and ready to have a wonderful meal with her son. Only Lin Chiling raised her son with her left hand, and it seemed that she was already familiar with parenting. The son showed a chubby face, and netizens couldn’t help but praise him, calling him “soft and cute”.



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