Lin May masquerades as her “girlfriend”: “The wolf is marrying her”

U.S.A.Lin May masquerades as her "girlfriend": "The wolf is...

It is believed that Lynn may marry Marcos Hernandez (Photo: Cuartoscoro)

lin mayu He assured that he would marry again. The star shocked her Instagram followers with the news of her wedding. With a video, the feature film actress claimed that “Bride” Suit Which will be selected for the important date. The notice left many skeptics, especially because of its recent controversies and the name of the lucky person.

“Preparing my wardrobe for my wedding. as you can see?”, Lin May was heard saying in the audiovisual short. In addition, he added to the description of the Instagram publication: “I’m marrying you, ladies and gentlemen. earrings for day and time, The wolf marries them”.

In another update to her Instagram profile, Lin May posed in a stunning wedding dress. It shone with its clean white color and its elegant gold arrangement. “What do you think of my new look, my love?” The actress and dancer wrote.

His followers were quick to raise their questions. ,and with whom? Do you have another boyfriend or is it with Marquitos? Although I no longer see them together because she lost her pregnancy,” wrote one internet user.

lin mayuallegedly had a love affair with the singer Marcos Hernandez, better known by his surname Marcos D1, The musician vehemently denied that there was a bond beyond friendship, however, he doubted her being responsible for Vedette’s pregnancy.

in an interview of Tell me what you knowRelated: Marcos Hernandez: “What Happened If We Stayed Together In A Night Of Drinks, when did it happen Seven in Mexico. So I don’t know what happened there.” He added with humor: “As Thalia puts it: ‘I don’t remember and if I don’t remember, it didn’t happen.’

lin mayu
The dancer reportedly had an affair with Marcos Hernandez “Marcos D1” (Photo: Instagram / @lyn_may_)

In early October it was Lin May herself who reported that they may have lost their children At a little more than three months of pregnancy. As told by the actress, After suffering she lost her child panic attack After a trip he traveled from Mexicali to Mexico City.

Lin May remarked that there was an unexpected incident in her flight at the time of landing. The moment came as a shock to all the passengers including Star. “I think the pregnancy is over because with that fear and that jerk of the plane”, argued in an interview for Morning the sun rises,

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Thus, Lin May ended her alleged pregnancy. This fact was highly questioned by the press, as the statements of the actress were too ambiguous. Likewise, the remarkable ignorance about Marcos Hernandez’s pregnancy raised many doubts.

lin mayu
Lynn May used this photo to reveal her alleged pregnancy (Photo: Instagram / @lyn_may_)

If his marriage announcement is real, Liliana Mendiola, Lynn May’s real name, Will tie the knot for the third time, was the first time Antonio Chi-Zuo, a well-known businessman, was Star’s partner during the 80s until 2008. Chi-Zuo was diagnosed prostate cancer, the cause of your death.

According to the film actress, Antonio Chi-Juo was her only partner, whom she married both legally and religiously. The actor of Chinese descent confessed in an interview with Adolfo Infant that Married on more than seven occasions in the Civil Registry, but does not recognize any of these marriages.

Lin May was recently seen entering the contest
Lin May was recently called “I want to sing!” Was seen participating in the competition, at Venga La Alegria (Photo: Antonio Cruz / Cuartoscuro) (Rodolfo Angulo /)

The controversial statement crosses over to the program of Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the moment my luck changed in which May agrees to locate Antonio Chi-Zuo to sleep with him for a few nights. The dancer also admitted that it was very sad for Antonio to leave.

The second marriage publicly recognized by the celebrity was accompanied by Guillermo Calderon Shell, Film Producer. The two courtship in their youth and, shortly after Antonio Chi-zuo’s death, were able to resume their relationship. The union was in effect from 2008 to 2012.

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