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Lin Zhijian claims starting pitcher Zhang Shanzheng to be sour: Unfortunately, he was expelled for taking banned drugs

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Former Mayor of Hsinchu Citylin zhijianCriticized, claiming to be a “starting pitcher” who was injured yesterdayKuomintangTaoyuan mayoral candidate Zhang Shanzheng awaits the “four-ball walk”. In this regard, Zhang Shanzheng complained today that Lin Zhijian was “unfortunately expelled from the venue for taking banned drugs.”


Zhang Shanzheng said that ifDPPThe pitcher sent is a very bad pitcher. He can throw four bad pitches, so the Kuomintang cannot do anything; Lin Zhijian considers himself a starting pitcher, but it is very sad that the starting pitcher has been kicked off the field. Taking prohibited drugs.

When asked whether he expected his opponent in the Taoyuan election campaign was former DPP legislator Zheng Baoqing or DPP legislator Zheng Yunpeng? Zhang Shanzheng said that the citizens of Taoyuan have a ruler at heart and are wise. One of them has always been protective of plagiarism, and the other is not afraid of party pressure and speaks frankly. Taoyuan people can see who is better.

For Wu Zijia, president of Beautiful Island Electronic News, the election of Zheng Yunpeng is down 5%, and the Kuomintang has a good chance of winning the election. Zhang Shanzheng said that he has said many times that elections are used as a reference. They will move step by step at their own pace, strengthen the grassroots level, strengthen the relationship between the grassroot level, listen to the voice of the grassroots villagers, step by step towards victory.



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