Lin Ziying’s “information reception madness” blew itself away given that the mirror in the home’s toilet also had a built-in TV.

Lin Ziying attended a Samsung TV event and revealed that there are TVs everywhere in the house, and she is an information receptionist. (Photo: Provided by Samsung)

Lin Ziying attended the event in a leather jacket on the 12th. She met Zhang Zhaozhi, an old classmate, and admired each other that “the two are only 40 years old together. As a result, they mistakenly used the 30-year-old stalker when transitioning into the entertainment industry.” Breaks power straight away.

Zhang Zhaozhi is now the store manager of Yiyi Electronics Store, prompting Lin Ziying to experience the various functions of Samsung TVs.EpidemicWhat are you doing during this? Lin Ziying said that lately, he has been with his kids for online classes, driving racing cars and watching TV series. He usually watches about 3.5 hours a day, and TV is most willing to spend money on his family.

When asked how many TVs there are in the house, Lin Ziying said, “I can’t figure it out”, as there are many different types of screens in the house, including projectors and even bathroom mirrors. There are built-in TVs. Lin Ziying further explained the reason, as she expects there will be a sense of mobility everywhere in the house and does not want to give up on information, which is referred to as the “information receiving manic”.

Lin Ziying also shared that she has a collectionNFTis in the works, but when asked if he would launch his own NFT work, he said he would consider it in the future. Lin Ziying has a great set of aesthetics for living and home as well. She said that earlier, she used to use optical fiber to make the ceiling of the starry sky, but now it can be easily placed with a smart projector, and can also rotate her home. An underwater world, a prairie and one in outer space.placeIncluding raising fish in a fish tank, they are not afraid to raise them until they disappear, the whole family is simply metaverse.

Lin Ziying has several TVs at home, but she doesn't even know how to count them.  (Photo: Provided by Samsung)
Lin Ziying has several TVs at home, but she doesn’t even know how to count them. (Photo: Provided by Samsung)

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