Lionel Messi Emotionally Remembers Diego Maradona A Year After His Death: “I Still Think I’m Going To See Him Give His Opinion On Something On TV”

U.S.A.Lionel Messi Emotionally Remembers Diego Maradona A Year After...

first anniversary of the death anniversary of Diego Armando Maradona And a very special memory is of Lionel Messi, who referred to the remembered Diaz, who knew to direct him to the Argentina national team between 2008 and 2010. In the interview La Pulga gave with the newspaper Mark, recalled the memory of the 1986 world champion captain in Mexico, who was one of his idols.

At first he expressed regret that Diego could not see the Albiceleste team crowning the final Copa América, where Albiceleste ended a 28-year drought without a title. ,It feels unbelievable that a year has already passed and it also seems on purpose that when he is not, Argentina are champions once again after so many years”, assured Leo.

“The truth is that feeling is strange, it’s like not believing. Always think that sometime you will see it on TV, in interview or give your opinion on something, A long time has passed and it seems that it was yesterday when it happened”, confessed Rosario Star, who mentioned Maradona in a meaningful tone.

The World Cup in South Africa was the most fluid point in the relationship between Maradona and Messi (Photo by Richard Heathcote / Getty Images) (Richard Heathcote /)

“The truth is that I will always have the best memories that I was lucky enough to share with them,” La Pulga said.

When Maradona was in charge of the Argentine team, there was a close relationship with him and at that stage and beyond some distance, there was always respect and mutual affection between them. In fact, when Diego died, Leo paid a heartfelt tribute to him playing for Barcelona when he scored a goal and celebrated it by wearing the 1993 Newell shirt when the remembered Diaz Rosario played for the team. At the time, in fact, Rosario, who was just a kid, knew how to approach Independence Park’s Colossus to play him live and direct.

Leo also had to live with constant comparisons with Maradona. Despite running with that bag on his back, Messi made his way to the Argentina national team, where he broke many records and has the maximum number of references.

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The tribute Messi paid to Maradona a few days after his death (not photo)

But it was Maradona himself who expressed his happiness over Leo’s various milestones in his campaign, such as his World Cup debut. Germany In 2006, when Messi entered the match against Serbia, official broadcast cameras captured Diego in the stands with his arms outstretched and expressed his happiness at the premiere of La Pulga, who also scored a goal and went on to win. 6- 0 from the right.

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Messi also always remembered the things he learned from Diego such as the subject of free kicks. It was at the last World Cup in South Africa 2010 when the then DT saw him kicking and approached him for advice on how to correct his execution. It was a before and after as over the years the current PSG striker has become an expert in the stalled ball and every time he stands in front of an obstacle there is a high probability of a goal.

In that competition, Maradona knew how to handle all the pressure of his squad, along with many of the young guys who were baptized into his World Cup. Gonzalo Higuain, Angel Di Maria, Sergio Aguero, Nicolas Otamendi, among others. But mainly Diego sought peace to his players and Messi in the special case when the two shared the team.

The issue is not who was better or what one or the other did, the Argentine public should take into account that these two great figures were likely to be in their selection and that they could enjoy them in Diego’s case. And there are still some chapters missing. To write on behalf of Leo, most important in the long term, the next World Cup in Qatar 2022 where it will try to lift the coveted cup.

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