List of Key Notices at 3 PM

U.S.A.List of Key Notices at 3 PM

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Thursday, November 25, 2021


The last


Drones and Human Shields in Mexico’s War on Drugs

Brazil’s mayors decided not to allow the celebration

Portugal to reinstate some strict COVID restrictions

Czech government COVID-19. declared a state of emergency due to

About 1,600 migrants died or were killed in the Mediterranean this year

Afghan woman who rose to fame as a child arrives in Italy as refugee


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ames-general coronavirus-chile

SANTIAGO – Chile’s drug regulator approved vaccination against COVID-19 with the Chinese immunizer Sinovac for children aged 3 to 6 years, in a country where 91% of the population is over the age of 18 has already completed the vaccination programme. 400 words. AP photo. Sent.


coronavirus-brazil-parties: Brazil’s mayors undecided about allowing celebrations

-Coronavirus-Vaccine for Children EU: EU authorizes use of Pfizer vaccine in children aged 5 to 11

coronavirusamerica: US faces dilemma as it celebrates as infections rise

coronavirus-Germany: Germany, COVID-19 . last for more than 100,000 deaths from

coronavirus-Portugal: Portugal will reinstate some stricter COVID restrictions

-Coronavirus-Czech Republic: The Czech government has declared COVID-19 . declared a state of emergency for

-Coronavirus-France: France will implement booster vaccines for all adults

-Coronavirus-Denmark: Denmark offers booster vaccines to people over the age of 18

-coronavirus-europe-certificates: In view of the increasing infection, the EU asked to comply with the certificates

EUR-INM France-Brittany-Overseas

CALAIS, France – French President Emmanuel Macron has called on neighboring European countries to do more to halt migration to France after at least 27 people died trying to cross the English Channel. Macron said it was “too late” when migrants arrived ashore from France hoping to enter Britain. The Home Minister announced the arrest of a fifth human trafficking suspect. 420 words. AP photo. Sent.


-France-GB Migrants-politics: Deaths in the canal add to migrant tension Paris-London

-FRANCE-GBRETAÑA-FATAL CROSSING: About 1,600 migrants lost or killed in the Mediterranean this year

Euro-General Russia-Khan

MOSCOW: At least 11 people have been killed and more than 40 injured in a fire at a coal mine in Russia. Dozens of workers are stranded and rescue operations are halted due to the threat of an explosion. by Daria Litvinova. 380 words. AP photo. Sent.

Deep-Foot Maradona-Death Anniversary

Buenos Aires – With pagan and religious people in the stadiums, with tributes, murals and emotional messages, Argentines remembered Diego Maradona, their greatest football idol a year after his death, whom they still consider inexplicable. by Deborah Ray. 500 words. AP photo. Sent.


only in AP


Rap-General Mexico-War on Drugs

guila, Mexico — The Mexican government is quickly running out of equipment to control the expansion of the dangerous Jalisco cartel in the fight against drug trafficking in the western state of Michoacán, and efforts on the ground have stalled due to the rapidly escalating air conflict. are complementary. Complex. The Jalisco Cartel, the militarily strongest in Mexico, has begun to organize townspeople to act as human shields against the military, who now only try to keep rival cartels apart. The residents of the city of Aguilla are fed up with the tactics of the Mexican army. by Mark Stevenson. 1550 words. AP photo. Sent.

Acting as AMN-General US-Civilian Police

Unpublished – The trial of the Kyle Rittenhouse murder and the three men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery are linked by a dangerous aspect: the tendency of some white Americans to take up arms and take their stand on what they see as wrongdoing, Especially for black people. By Noreen Nasser, Sudhin Thanawala and Adam Geller. 1,250 words. AP photo. Sent.

Rep-General Coronavirus-Christmas Bazaar

FRANKFURT, Germany — Despite the pandemic’s shortcomings, owners of stalls selling decorations, roasted chestnuts and other Christmas items in Europe open their first Christmas market in two years with relief, especially in countries given new restrictions Where there are infections of COVID-19. break the record by David McHugh, Emily Schultheis and Justin Spike. 1,360 words. AP photo. Sent.


Latin America and the Caribbean


AMN-General Mexico-Violence

MEXICO CITY – Fourteen secret tombs are found in the Mexican state of Sonora. According to the state attorney general’s office bordering the United States, all had bones, some of them charred, as well as corpses in a state of decomposition. 480 words. Sent.

Ames-General Colombia-USA Extradition

BUCAMARANGA, Colombia – Colombian President Ivan Duque confirmed that the extradition of Dero Antonio Osuga, aka “Otonial” and head of the Gulf Clan, to the United States had been formalized by the government of that country, and that the Colombian court is making progress in its proceedings. , 223 words. Sent.

AMC-General Honduras-Elect Asfoora-Profile

TEGUCIGALPA – Nasri Juan Asafura, the current mayor of the Honduran capital, wants to be president in the next election on November 28. by Marlon Gonzalez. 762 words. AP photo. Sent.




AMN-US General-Thanksgiving-Natives

No Provence – Native New England aboriginals flock to the seaside town where the first English settlers came, not to give thanks, but to mourn the world‘s indigenous peoples, who endured centuries of racism and abuse Is. The solemn observance of National Mourning Day in downtown Plymouth, Massachusetts, coincides with Thanksgiving in the United States, commemorating the infectious diseases and persecution that European settlers brought to North America. William J. by Cole. 350 words. AP photo. Sent.

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AMN-ECO USA-Black Friday

NEW YORK – Shoppers in the US are returning to stores and splurge on all kinds of items, buoyed by strong rents, wage increases and substantial savings. But the big question is, to what extent will the lack of supplies, high prices and staffing problems affect your mood this holiday season? Americans may not be able to buy items on their holiday lists or run into a slight discount for the season. by Anne D’Innocenzio. 535 words. AP photo. Sent.

AMN-General Biden-Medical Test

WASHINGTON — The polyp removed from President Joe Biden’s colon is a benign, slow-growing, but potentially pre-cancerous lesion that will require no further action, his doctor says in a follow-up report. 220 words. AP photo. Sent.




euro-gen italy-afghan girl

Rome – The green-eyed woman, who rose to fame as a child after appearing on the cover of National Geographic magazine, arrives in Italy as part of the evacuation of Afghans organized by Western countries after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, according to the Italian government informs. 350 words. AP photo. Sent.

ASI-General Philippines-China

MANILA – The Philippine Defense Secretary has rejected China’s repeated demand that Manila abandon its outpost on a sandbar in the South China Sea. Delphine Lorenzana says Chinese Coast Guard ships should leave the area and stop intercepting Philippine supply ships. by Jim Gomez. 320 words. AP photo. Sent.

Euro-General Vatican-Lebanon

Vatican City – Pope Francis told Lebanese prime minister he prays that God will help Lebanon “get up” and get back on its feet after an unprecedented economic crisis that has hit three of the country’s six million residents- A quarter have plunged into poverty, including one million Syrian refugees. The pope referred to a biblical passage in which Jesus placed a girl’s hand on her deathbed and commanded her to rise. 470 words. AP photo. Sent.

EUR-POLL Sweden-Government

Copenhagen – Swedish lawmakers will vote next week whether Magdalena Andersson, who was the country’s first female prime minister before resigning due to budget defeats, can form a minority government, reports the speaker of parliament. Anderson served as prime minister for seven hours before resigning. 300 words. AP photo. Sent.

Munn-General Interpol-President

Istanbul – Interpol has elected a controversial UAE official as its new president during the International Police Agency’s annual general meeting held in Istanbul. by Ayse Witting and Suzanne Fraser. 662 words. AP photo. Sent.

Euro-General EU-Promotion Policy

BRUSSELS – Concerned about the misuse of political propaganda to undermine elections, the European Union presents its plan to help people understand when they see such advertisements and who is responsible for their content. by Lorne Cook. 533 words. AP photo. Sent.

AFR-General Somalia-exploded

Mogadiskium: At least eight people have been killed and several injured in a massive explosion in a busy area of ​​Somalia’s capital. The extremist group al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility. by Hassan Beris. 318 words. AP photo. Sent.

AFR-General Libya

BENGASI, Libya – Libya’s top electoral body has disqualified the son and former successor of the late dictator Moammar Gaddafi and barred him from running in next month’s presidential elections because of his previous convictions. Rami Musa. 435 words. AP photo. Sent.





MANCHESTER, England – Manchester United are in talks with Ralph Rangnick to become the team’s interim manager, a person familiar with the situation tells the AP. No final agreement was reached, but talks were on with the German strategist who is currently the sporting director of Lokomotiv Moscow. by Rob Harris. 200 words. Sent.


Show and Culture


AMN-US General-Thanksgiving-Parade

NEW YORK – Last year hit by restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade returned in full swing with a few precautions. Balloons, floats, marching bands, clowns, entertainers and of course, Santa Claus once again roam the streets of Manhattan for four kilometers (2.5 miles), instead of being confined to a block as in last year. 470 words. AP photo. Sent.


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