Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Liverpool win the final and win the Community Shield

Liverpool They won their first final, winning England’s first official title of the season.FA Cup winners dominate title race community shield After beating the Premier League champions 3-1, Manchester City.

Julian Alvarez He came on as a substitute in the 13th minute of the second half, replacing Algerian Riyad Mahrez and sharing the attack with Norwegian Erling Haaland. Twelve minutes later, he scored for the team with suspense.

In the 21st minute of the first half, Liverpool took the lead in scoring inside the penalty area. Trent Alexander Arnold, The unmarked received a return pass from Mohamed Salah and hit him first. The bullet hit Nathan Acker lightly in the head and slid behind a stick. At that stage, it was the only shot on target by the goalscorer led by Jurgen Klopp, City had three good scoring chances but found a solid defence and goalkeeper.

The second 45 minutes saw Adrian rumble again in Liverpool’s goal before Mahrez made a disturbing decision on the pitch, with Haaland claiming he was in a better position. In the absence of deep emergencies, Guardiola looked for answers on the bench and Phil Foden joined. However, the Reds had two headers at once, with Darwin Nunez touching the first two, posing a threat.

Julian Alvarez’s goal (1-1)

Time was running out and Guardiola was getting angry that his team wasn’t quite near the end of the pitch.you 20 minutes after the end, Alvarez’s mysterious cry came, The man who grabbed the goalkeeper’s rebound was accidentally pressed into the net by Foden, who pushed him into the net by the former millionaire striker. While the judge initially quashed the action, VAR confirmed the draw as there was no lead. Three minutes have passed since Spider came out shouting and hugging his companion.

The video arbitration system re-entered the scene, warning the judge that there were 10 minutes left in the sentence. Liverpool took the lead thanks to Salah’s determination, who led 2-1 in front of Ederson, who hit the post but was unable to avoid a goal.

Salah’s goal, from a penalty (2-1)

A Rubén Dias hand, though involuntarily cutting off the trajectory of the ball that Nez headed didn’t make it to the goal, Nez didn’t miss the next chance. Uruguay fired popcorn in the 4th minute of stoppage time and ended up leading 3-1.

Nunes scored 3-1

Already on the hour Haaland was able to narrow the advantage, but with the goalkeeper already on the floor, he unbelievably missed the goal. The whole disappointment was for the city. It’s time for the mighty Liverpool to start celebrating. Alvarez’s goal cry was not enough. There is another glass master.

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