Log build, which develops remote construction management SaaS “Log System”, raises a total of 100 million yen in pre-series A | Today Nation News

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On November 24, log build, which is developing the service “Log System” to realize remote construction management, announced that it will raise a total of 100 million yen in the pre-series A round. Underwriters and lenders include GMF Holdings, Monozukuri Ventures, and Yossix Capital.

The company has become a major social issue in the construction industry due to a serious labor shortage and enormous travel time, and DX that utilizes technology is positioned as an urgent task. It is said that it will transform the construction industry, which is said to be the representative of the legacy industry.

log build is a construction tech startup established in February 2020 as the VR / AI / robot division of ecomo, a construction company in Shonan.

The Log System consists of three solutions, “Log Walk”, “Log Meet”, and “Log Kun”, in order to realize remote construction management. Log Walk makes it possible to remotely perform progress management, quality control, information management, and safety management, which are the main tasks of site management, by converting the construction site into a VR space using a 360-degree camera and a smartphone app. Log Meet is an online construction management app that specializes in remote site witnessing. Equipped with a UI that is easy for craftsmen to use, online meetings can be held with everyone involved in the construction site using the video call function. It also has a function to prevent communication loss peculiar to construction sites. Log Kun is an avatar robot that can patrol the site at any time. Regardless of the location or manned or unmanned, you can operate the avatar robot placed at the site with a smartphone, tablet, or PC to check the progress, safety management, and quality check. This eliminates the loss of movement.

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