Logical Puzzle: Where does Diego live and what does he spend his free time on?

U.S.A.Logical Puzzle: Where does Diego live and what does...

Trust your ability to concentrate! this is viral rectum Challenged users on social media who are struggling to find the right answer logic puzzle, Follow all the instructions so that you can get it done in record time.

Read the following text carefully and write down any information you find important. Since you have to answer a few questions to find the right answer, We will give you 2 minutes to solve these. If you don’t get it in the specified time, don’t worry, the lines below we show you step by step. May you be successful!

“My name is Diego and I’m Sal. I live in Inapari, Tahuamanu Province, Madre de Dios. In my spare time, I make hats out of tamashi fibers, a group of climbing plants that have stars in their roots. which sometimes hang from very tall trees and sometimes trunks are attached to a meter or more. Tamashi is very useful in my community, as it is also used in the construction of houses, of wire. In addition, it is used in crafts and for making household utensils. Unfortunately, due to the excessive use of this material, the spice is seriously threatened”.

Solving the Viral Challenge

Next, we are going to answer the following questions we learned in the reading comprehension exercise at home.

Where does Diego live? what do you do in your free time?

– Diego Inapari lives in the province of Tahuamanu, Madre de Dios.

What problem did Diego mention?

– Excessive use of Tamashi material is affecting the activities of the community where Diego lives.

How does the problem affect Diego’s community?

With no material to make their products and buildings, scarcity and irresponsible use can affect their economic income as well as their lifestyle.

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Is this a problem that all members of the community should be interested in? Why?

– Yes, since everyone, whether they are involved in the fields of construction and craft or not, will be affected by Tamashi’s absence, they must take immediate measures so as not to harm.

What are logic puzzles?

We can define them as a kind of hobby or sport, which involves finding the solution of a puzzle or finding the hidden meaning of a phrase, following only the path of your intuition and logic and not in a subject Having extensive knowledge. Specific.

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