Look and Style: Five Haircuts That Will Be Trending in 2022

U.S.A.Look and Style: Five Haircuts That Will Be Trending...

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NS The traditional December holidays are “just around the corner,” so we took the task of listing some of the cuts that are expected to be trending or will be one of the most recommended for next year. These are examples that can be visited by a few lucky ones or who venture to request Look change.

And it’s what’s most popular and what’s expected of a makeover, according to stylists and some fashion magazines. Will be among the most viewed in 2022, Short haircuts or clavicle height prevail.

shaggy bob with bangs

It is a cut at the height of the clavicle that aims to give more dynamism and freshness to women, which is ideal for all hair types, i.e. straight, wavy, Chinese, among others.

Corte Shaggy Bob.  Photo: IG/laiacoiffeur
Corte Shaggy Bob. Photo: IG/laiacoiffeur

l shaggy bob It will give the impression of freshness and youth. It stands out for abundant layering throughout the hair. it is considered as a Look bold and subtle at the same time.

Whereas bangs are also recommended for oval or long faces to give a nice touch and style to the woman who needs it.

The classic cut is without fringe and runs from the jaw down to the shoulders. Although adding bangs adds a special touch to the face and they look better when combined with layers


The type of pixie cut is characterized by Low Slightly longer at the back and top of the head and temples. The intention is to create a particular volume to be worn according to the face type.

Corte Pixie.  Photo: IG/chica_pixie
Corte Pixie. Photo: IG/chica_pixie

This style has been in great demand in India. beauty salon from this year, so it is expected to continue with great success in the meantime 2022.

Although some women dare to wear their hair very short, the best part in this case is that it can be adjusted according to the type of face. For example, a pixie for a square face is ideal for those who have a very marked chin and will give balance to the face.

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The triangle can leave the hair longer on the top and sides and is ideal for taller faces. In the case of round faces, the goal is to accentuate the face by giving volume to the top and leaving a few strands a bit longer around the ears.

Corte Buzz Cut.  Photo: IG/eva_ni
Corte Buzz Cut. Photo: IG/eva_ni

Buzz cut

The buzz cut is a more daring trend, as it involves cutting hair. Very short, almost shaved.

However it is one of the much requested looks among actresses, actors or even influencers recently.

This involves a radical change in the case of women, and especially those with long hair. Highlights the features and shape of the skull.

Shag cut.  Pixabay
Shag cut. Pixabay

sexual intercourse

This is a more tousled style, as does the clear layers of Hair gives off a certain eighties air For requesting women.

The key is that it appears shorter at the top and longer in the middle of the mane.

This style can be worn around the collarbone, but it would also look great on long hair, as the layers would be beautifully spaced.

Bob cut.  Pixabay
Bob cut. Pixabay


besides being one elegant and discreet cut, This look is considered by stylists to be the most versatile and flattering for her.

The best part is that it can be customized for hair curly, short, long layered, among others. It is classified as a cut that will never go out of style and fits any face type, whether they are round, triangular, square, etc.

There’s a rule to the proper fit of a bob cut. This is the rule of 5 or 7 cm, that is, the length between the chin and the ear.

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