Lorena de la Garza sold face masks in pandemic: “I knew it had an expiration date”

U.S.A.Lorena de la Garza sold face masks in pandemic:...

Photo: Instagram / @lorenadelagarzaoficial

It was revealed last August that the actress Lorena de la Garza may be going through a depression from a few occasions Received in the acting field during the COVID pandemic.

And this is that journalist JEuan Jose Origel assured that the actress, who conquered the public with her characters and sense of humor, would go bankrupt, That is why soon it will decide to leave the action and disappear the artistic life.

The actress is best known for her “Nakasia” character. Busy time Currently appears on the small screen as part of the new version of the programme. Dr. Candido Perez However, embodying the character of “Claudia”, The show has not performed as expected and its viewership has not lived up to the expectations. Of the company

according to the presenter of sorry, De La Garza will be close to retiring from acting Due to the fact that she has no more projects on the door, nor a job offer, she will be disappointed and intent on selling her home to move to a smaller space and “start from scratch”.

Photo: Instagram / @lorenadelagarzaoficial
Photo: Instagram / @lorenadelagarzaoficial

what’s more, papillo Noted that the COVID-19 pandemic puts the actress in a state of alert and anxiety, lowers her mood and reportedly affects her economy.

And it is that when savings for the actress ran out in the middle of the pandemic, the singer also had to reinvent herself to move on in the financial sector: “I learned to diversify, I learned that when a complicated situation happensMan has to go beyond his limits Because there’s always a way to move on,” the comedian recently said TVyNovel,

And it’s that the closures of theaters, and small television productions affected her personally by not getting acting projects, so she faced the challenge of trying the business:

,It was a difficult situation for those of us who benefited from this performance. And I had to dedicate myself to selling water filters, I sold face masks, I sold treatments to grow eyelashes,” he told Entertainment Magazine.

Photo: Cuartoscoro
Photo: Cuartoscoro

Apart from their participation in reconstruction From Dr. Candido PerezMILF aired on the bar Good night From televisa, the actress will premiere the play very soon tok tok, Thanks to these intrusions, Lorena is able to give herself a financial break.

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,It’s a gift not only in the economic part because that’s what we dedicate ourselves to‘Coming back to the theater is something to be enjoyed with extraordinary value,'” he said and insisted he didn’t lose hope of moving forward when he stepped into sales amid the health crisis.

“I knew at some point it was going to have an expiration date. And the truth is, I came out completely financially,” he said.

In mid-October, the actress spoke with journalist Javier Poza about a tentative show she presented at the festival: serenade the dead, De la Garza said that he wished he had a chance to appear in a film soon, Away from comedy is giving life to a character, an aspect in which the public has paralyzed him.

“I would like to do dubbing again, it sounds incredible to me. I would love to come up with a film project, but I know the public is used to seeing me in comedy a lot, especially on television, I would like to do something in cinema which is more serious. In the end, we are more actors than comedians, and it would be fascinating to me to be able to show such another aspect,” he said.

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