Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Los Angeles County bar revoked liquor license for selling illegal drugs

Los Angeles CountyPaved roadThe City’s (Long Beach) Cheers Bar (Bottoms Up Tavern) was razed by law enforcement on July 31, and prosecutors said the bar was suspected of being illegal not onlypoisonThe sale and negligence indirectly led to the death of a father and daughter.

The canceled Cheers Bar, located on East Artesia Boulevard in Long Beach, is suspected of selling a variety of illicit drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, oxycodone and marijuana, and this year one of its customers spent March at the store. Later, Jose Palacios González, 42, and his daughter, Samantha, were killed in their sleep after speeding into a nearby apartment.

It is reported that the bar owner has signed a solicitation agreement and will transfer the liquor license to the new bar operator outside of Long Beach within 180 days as required by law enforcement agencies. The store manager stated that Cheers Bar will not reopen in Long Beach in the future, and is currently planning to move the store to 9875 Alondra Blvd. (9875 Alondra Blvd.) in Bellflower, Los Angeles County.

It is reported that seriouscar accidentFormer customer Octavio Montano Islas, 24, is still on the run. Police appeals for any pertinent leads, please call Long Beach Police at (562) 570-7355 as soon as possible, or contact Crime Stoppers at (800). ) 222-8447, the reward for the case is 25,000 yuan.


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