Los Angeles County pilots order COVID-19 PCR kits and curbside pickup online or by phone

Los Angeles County is conducting curbside pickup of COVID-19 PCR kits online or by phone. (reporter/photographer of this newspaper)

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and COVID-19trace(COVID-19 PCR) kit provider Fulgent Genetics collaborates, through Los Angeles CountyLibraryOffering a new ordering service for test kitsLos Angeles CountyResidents do not need face-to-face contact to receive the kit. The project is currently being operated in only three libraries, including the Norwood Library in El Monte, the nearest town to the sugar-intensive city, and plans to expand to other locations in the future if successful.

COVID-19 testing remains an important tool in the fight against the spread of the virus, and the new pilot program is an additional resource for Los Angeles County residents who are experiencing COVID-like symptoms, or who think they may have been exposed. can be. Residents can still continue to get tested at COVID-19 testing centers provided by the Los Angeles County Department of Health, and lacounty.gov to find on-site testing sites near their homes operated by Los Angeles County or an authorized partner. can go online. ,

The new contactless pilot program, announced on May 12 by the LA County Health Department, will allow residents to pre-order PCR test kits and pick up essential items at Los Angeles County libraries. There will be no face-to-face contact during the booking and pickup process.

Residents interested in this program can visit the website https://Picturegenetics.com/covid19/pre-registration operated by Fulgent to reserve test kits. Individuals who need assistance can call 626-350-0537 or 626-434-3596 for assistance with booking. This program must have access to the Internet in order to activate the test suite and receive test results.

While making the reservation, the applicant has to indicate the number of kits required, the date of collection and the desired location. They will then receive order confirmation and pickup instructions by email, and they can order up to four boxes at a time.

On the day of reagent pickup, residents will arrive at the selected location, dial a pre-set phone number, and notify the library of their arrival. Once confirmed, the librarian will instruct residents to pick up the kit at a safe place on site.

Residents then register their kit online and can test the same day in their car or home and drop off the completed test kit in a blue container provided at the location of their choice.

The test kit must be registered before the test results can be received. Fullgent Genetics will notify applicants by email that the results are available through their designated secure website, where the results can be viewed and downloaded.

The pilot program is currently limited to three Los Angeles County libraries, including: Lennox Library, 4359 Lennox Blvd., Lennox, CA 90304; AC Bilbro Library, 150 E. El Segundo Blvd, Los Angeles Angeles, CA 90061; Norwood Library, 4550 Peck Road, El Monte, CA 91732.

Kits must be picked up during normal business days of these libraries and at the times indicated on the booking website. It is reported that if the project is successful, it will be expanded to other locations in the future.

To learn more about planning to order a new Crown test kit, or for more information about a healthcare plan, you can contact [email protected],

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