Home World News Love never crosses high walls, human rights defender’s partner writes Lantern Festival love letter to his beloved

Love never crosses high walls, human rights defender’s partner writes Lantern Festival love letter to his beloved

Love never crosses high walls, human rights defender’s partner writes Lantern Festival love letter to his beloved

Today is Lantern Festival. Fighters imprisoned for defending human rights, democracy and freedom are not only unable to spend time with their loved ones, but may never see each other again. But high walls can’t stop their love. Half of these human rights defenders write down their care and longing for their loved ones in love letters that cannot be sent.

Amnesty International said on its website on the 23rd that the Lantern Festival is approaching, but many human rights defenders are still imprisoned, arrested, or even missing, waiting to be reunited with their families or loved ones. Unable to.This time I collected the previoushong kongLove letters written by Ye Du, the fiancee of Stake Association vice president Zou Xingtong, Geng He, the wife of Chinese human rights lawyer Gao Zisheng, and Luo Shengchun, the wife of Chinese human rights lawyer Ding Jiaxi.

●Yado: “In this life, I will never allow my freedom to be diminished.”

Yedu said in his love letter to Zou Xingtong that the two of them had never spent Valentine’s Day together. When they started falling in love, Yedu could no longer leave the country. As long as he was able to leave the country, Zhou Xingtong could do so. Now they would not enter the country, so they cherished the little time they spent together.

“For people I love deeply, every day is Valentine’s Day. Since the summer of 2019, I can’t leave the country and she can’t enter the country. Even more so nowthe prisonNodu said, there is no hope of meeting each other here, leave alone getting together on Valentine’s Day.

Yedu said in the letter that in 2021, she and Zou Xingtong will send each other the last Valentine’s Day gift before Zou Xingtong loses her freedom. “Bearing in mind that she often hurts her eyes from reading e-books on her mobile phone, I ordered a Kindle on the Hong Kong Fortress e-commerce website, which was to be delivered to her office. Bought the towel quilt and it was delivered clearly to I am in Guangzhou via Hong Kong Post.”

Write on the cotton towel quilt, “Quilter, do you know how much I love you? How reluctant I am to leave you? I wish we were never apart!”

Nodu said that they hope to be like ordinary lovers on Valentine’s Day, seeing all the scenery in the world together. “However, in an era when freedom and dignity are crushed, we must choose to bear the burden and move forward. Love of the like-minded gives us the courage to move forward.

Yedu said that Zoe Xingtong is now in prison in Hong Kong, and every voice and every article made of her in mainland China “has been called and recorded without exception.” “However, the test of pressure of power has never destroyed him.” My love for him.”

At the end of the letter Yedu said, “We are far apart, but my thoughts never stop. In this life, I will live for my freedom and your honor.”

●Geng He: “I and my child will remain brave and strong until the day you come home.”

On January 30 this year, Geng He wrote to Gao Zisheng. In the letter, Geng He said: “The pain of separation from your love of sixteen years makes every day so difficult and every news about you so precious. And the latest news is from you seven years ago “

Geng He said that she and Gao Zisheng have known each other for 34 years and believe that they will never leave each other throughout their lives. But fate separates them in life and death. Only faith can maintain a complete family in their hearts.



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