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Lower Antelope Canyon to see the underground wonders and experience the fantasy world

Lower Antelope Canyon to see the underground wonders and experience the fantasy world

In Antelope Canyon beneath a desert, its dazzling and colorful underground wonders have long been famous around the world.go sightseeingCustomers are slowly making this desert city rich. Antelope Canyon is located in a desert near the small town of Page, Arizona. There are Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon, both operated by Indian tour companies.

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The date of this trip was chosen three months ago, ordering online, paying 89 yuan per person, downloading tickets online, and reporting to the designated place at that time.

The Lower Antelope Valley Tourism Company is almost the only home in the desert. There is an endless stream of tourists coming from far and wide. Check in first, and wear a mask as per the rules at all times. Each group consists of ten tourists, followed by a tour guide, and reports to the tour guide at the designated time. The tour guide first informs you of the rules for visiting the sightseeing, and teaches you how to be adjustedcell phoneHow to take pictures

Walking in the desert with a tour guide, the tour guide said that the sand in the desert is very hot in summer, and some tourists often burn their feet when wearing slippers. In fact, the road to Lower Antelope Canyon is very difficult to walk. There are deserts and rough stone roads. Be sure to wear wear-resistant shoes.

After walking for about seven or eight minutes, I came upon a large canopy with stairs under the umbrella. It turned out that the lower antelope valley was hidden deep underground, and we had to descend four layers of narrow and steep iron stairs. You need to be extra careful, if you are overweight or have a fear of heights, you might not be able to pass through. The tour guide asked everyone to keep everything away in their hands, especially not to hold a mobile phone, to hold the escalator tightly, and to go down the steps slowly.

Underground is a truly fantastic world, the spiral shape that swirls and changes, the color of the mountain wall from golden to pale red, the change is endless, everyone follows the tour guide and listens to his explanation. That’s why the Indians called this place “a rock through which water passes.” They are sculptures of time and water that have passed through the ages, and the caves have glyphs, V-shaped and A-shaped. The tour guide guides and teaches you how to take pictures. In fact, underground wonders require no professional skills, and arbitrarily crafting is a unique beauty.

Because of the angle, it’s also possible to take pictures of certain looks. There is a photograph that has been directed by a tour guide for the framing, and is taken of the “mountain under the sky”. The Lower Antelope Canyon is over 1,400 feet long in the ground. There are several small rooms, some of which have sky view. The golden and pink rock walls match the blue sky, and with the lights behind, it has become a kind of peculiar beauty. All the pictures in the video are taken from mobile phone without any professional equipment.

it’s alsophotographyThey will be more professional. To take pictures without being disturbed by ordinary tourists, Antelope Canyon has special tour groups of photographers. Group fees are relatively expensive, and they can take better pictures with professional photographic equipment. Art, more eye-catching works.

Antelope Canyon sightseeing belongs to Indian territory, which needs to be booked in advance, and the number of people is limited. Peak season is from April to September every year, and tickets are difficult to find. It is best to book early. Chinese travel groups also organize groups to travel.

Each group goes on an underground sightseeing tour in the Lower Antelope Valley, and the stay is about an hour and a half. It takes a little physical strength to go up and down the underground cave for an hour and a half. In some places the width and height are not big enough, and you need to be very careful. You will accidentally bump your head.

In any case, this is a rare underground wonder in the world, a rare wonder hidden beneath the desert. It is 420 miles from Los Angeles and 211 miles from downtown Las Vegas. It is not far from the people of the United States and the West. It is a unique and beautiful sight that is worth seeing.

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