Luis Javier Suarez, 8th Colombian to score for Real Madrid

U.S.A.Luis Javier Suarez, 8th Colombian to score for Real...

Luis Javier Suarez, the eighth Colombian to score a goal for Real Madrid Reuters / John Nazca

This Sunday, 21 November, Real Madrid won their third consecutive LaLiga Santander win, beating 1–4 at the Nuevo Los Carmens Stadium. Granada, which suffered a second consecutive defeat and is unable to move away from the relegation places. Colombian for the local team Santiago Arias And carlos bacca were substitutes, while Luis Suarez Played 90 minutes.

Marco Asensio and Nacho Fernandez’s goals put the Madrid team ahead, while Colombian Luis Javier Suarez scored for Granada before the break, However, the white victory was sealed in the second half by Vinicius Junior and Frenchman Ferland Mendy.

Except for the last leg of the first half, it was a quiet game for Real Madrid, who were able to give some of their main players minutes to rest against a struggling Granada and who had their options, although they were sent off. The sentence was later. Ramon Rodriguez ‘Monchu’ straight from the red card in the 67th minute.

Real Madrid dominated the first section of the game, and when Granada began to level the competition, having more balls and finding their attacking players in space with the balls, the visiting team scored two goals in just six minutes, 19 more. Between 25, both originated in the shoes of German Toni Kroos.

Granada reacted after half an hour of play, when Alberto Soro pulled a top ball by Marco Asensio out from under the stick against Real Madrid, which was going to be 0-3.

After initially losing to Real Madrid from behind, Luis Suarez, exactly four minutes later, He caught a ball in the edge of the field and his shot touched Brazilian Carlos Casemiro and went 1-2 to Belgian Thibaut Courtois.,

The team, led by Italian Carlo Ancelotti, went out determined to avoid a surprise in the second half. Brazilian Vinicius Junior managed to convert in a counterattack by Benzema after an assist from Croatian Luka Modric, who took advantage of local Victor Diaz’s injury early in the play.

That’s when the game was over, first because Granada didn’t have the ability to react after making a mistake. Luis Suarez Option 2-3, and another because Minute 67 had more locals.

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With this annotation, the goalscorer became the eighth ‘coffee producer’ for Colombian team ‘Merengue’, as he joined such names falcao garcia, James Rodriguez and carlos bacca, among others.

Other Colombians who scored for Madrid

redmail falcao garcia: He was the first football player in the country to convert to Real Madrid. This happened on 11 April 2012 when he played for Atlético de Madrid, where he won a 1–4 victory over the whites. He scored again on 27 April 2013, but again his team fell 1–2 in the derby. His most recent score was achieved on 6 November, but now wearing a Rayo Vallecano shirt, that duel was won by Real Madrid 2–1.

James Rodriguez: James complied with the ‘Law of the Ax’ at the Santiago Bernabeu on May 1, 2018, right in a Champions League match. Cucuteno scored a goal in Bayern Munich’s 2–2 draw against Real Madrid, which resulted in the Spanish ending qualifying.

carlos bacca: Atlantik is the only player who knows what it is like to beat Real Madrid, apart from being the Colombian who has scored the most goals with a total of four. Bakka scored a goal in a 7–3 win over Sevilla on 30 October 2013; Converted a double in a 2–1 win for the Andalusian side on 26 March 2014 and finally scored with a ‘Yellow Submarine’ in a 2–3 loss on 2 May 2015.

Humberto Osorio Botello: On 7 May 2014, Osorio Botello dressed as a hero by scoring in Real Valladolid’s 1–1 draw against Real Madrid.

Roger Martinez: On May 19, 2018, Cartagena scored his only goal with Villarreal, and it was nothing more and nothing less than Real Madrid in a game that ended in a 2-2 draw.

Juan Camillo Hernandez: ‘Cucho’ was the last Colombian player to mark Real Madrid. On March 31, 2019, in a 3–2 home win, the attacker converted with Huesca at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

Luis Javier Suarez: Samarium joins the list following his entry this Sunday. His only goal was for Granada in a 1–4 loss.

Luis Javier Suarez, the eighth Colombian to score a goal for Real Madrid Reuters / John Nazca
Luis Javier Suarez, the eighth Colombian to score a goal for Real Madrid Reuters / John Nazca

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