Thursday, August 11, 2022

Lyons Magnus withdraws 53 drinks and nutritional supplements over fears of bacterial contamination

US Lyons Magnus, a leading company in the food service industry, announced that 53 of its beverages and nutritional products may be contaminated with Cronobacter sakazaki, and the company has voluntarily announced a recall.

This wave of recalled products includes certain batches of beverages, liquidscoffeepediatric nutritional supplements,proteinmilkshakes, nutritional milkshakes, etc. Brands include Oatly, Stumptown, Glucerna, Intelligentsia, Aloha, Kate Farms and Premier Protein; The recall announcement states that preliminary root cause analysis revealed that these products do not meet commercial sterility specifications.

Lyons Magnus stated that it has so far received no reports of illness or complaints related to these products; The company is calling on consumers who have purchased the recalled products to throw them away or return them for a refund.

According tofederal center for disease control and preventionAccording to the CDC, Cronobacter, a bacterium that can be found in dry goods and sewers, is especially at risk in infants, people over the age of 65, and those with weakened immune systems. The main symptoms include fever, meningitis and seizures.

The recall does not include products intended for infants under one year of age.

Meanwhile, the recall of Abbott Nutrition’s infant formula is underway, with the recall of bacterial contamination.


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