Saturday, November 26, 2022

Ma Ying-jeou claims Gao Hongnan is “vulnerable to death”, Lan criticizes irrationality and demands apology

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The People’s Party’s Hsinchu mayoral candidate Gao Hongnan chatted live with “curator” Chen Zhihan yesterday, laughing that he may have held the former president backma ying-jeouThe “death grip” of the United States is the reason why political life is so scary these days.KuomintangZeng Mingzong, chairman of the Legislative Yuan Party Group, said that Gao Hongnan’s speech was extremely irrational and unreasonable, and advised Gao Hongnan to come forward and apologize today.

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Zeng Mingzong said that Gao Hongnan’s speech may be a joke, but the statement is extremely irrational. Given his friendship with Gao Hongnan, he really doesn’t want to criticize Gao, but this speech is actually exaggerated, and Gao Hongnan apologizes.

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Gao Hongnan held a political consultation meeting today. After the meeting, he said that the “death grip” was actually mentioned last night. In fact, it was quite an honor to receive the Mayor’s Award from former President Ma Ying-jeou. Last night, due to self-condemnation, I made an inappropriate joke, and went back to reflect on myself last night. This part is really pointless to anger former President Ma Ying-jeou. Here, I am also very sorry for former President Ma and his supporters, and I will personally pay my respects.

Gao Hongnan, the People’s Party’s Hsinchu mayoral candidate, said yesterday that he had been “put to death” by former President Ma Ying-jeou. Zeng Mingzong, head of the Kuomintang Legislative Yuan, asked Gao Hongnan to come forward to apologize. (Reporter Cheng Yuanshu/Photography)
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