Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Macau shuts down entertainment venues on the evening of outbreak

MacaoDue to the outbreak of the pandemic, all entertainment venues will be closed from 5:00 pm, and all restaurants, bars and other catering businesses will be suspended for dine-in, but take-out is allowed. The port from Macau to Zhuhai had previously been severed by Zhuhai’s unilateral decision to enter.

Macau’s Chief Executive Officer Ho It Seng holds a press conference at 2:30 pm at Macau Government Headquarters.Epidemicand emergency response measures. He said that this wave of the epidemic in Macau is more complex and serious than ever, and the Macau government is strictly preventing and controlling the epidemic and will do its best to stop the epidemic from spreading as soon as possible.

Ho It Seng also emphasized that the epidemic is still under control, and the supply of living material in Macau is stable.

In accordance with He Yicheng’s instructions, the Macau government has decided to stop the spread of new coronary pneumonia in Macau.CinemaTheatres, indoor playgrounds, game and video game rooms, internet cafes, billiard rooms, bowling alleys, steam baths, massage parlors, beauty salons, fitness salons, health clubs, karaoke establishments, bars, night clubs, discos, dance halls, Dance halls, barber shops and swimming pools are open to the public; Prohibit all restaurants, beverage establishments and eating establishments from providing food and drink services in the respective locations, but does not adversely affect the provision of takeaway services.

The Macau Government Response and Coordination Center said that as of 9am on the 23rd, there were a total of 110 nucleic acid positive cases in Macau, 39 more than the number announced on the evening of the 22nd. Through epidemiological investigations, authorities followed a total of 4,109 people, including 554 close contacts, 2,496 non-prime close contacts (that is, people with a normal trajectory), 279 secondary close contacts, 108 general contacts and 562 people. Were. People.


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