Madrid sent its complaint to Rabat to set up a fish farm next to the Chafarinas Islands

WorldMadrid sent its complaint to Rabat to set up...

  • Government processes sanctions for Tarragona company providing sea cages to Moroccan company

NS Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Moroccan authorities have been sent a oral note of protest to set up a fish farming According to diplomatic sources, along with the Chafrinas Islands.

the department that directs Jose Manuel Alberes argues that Rabat working in Spanish territorial waters without permission It is necessary to develop such activity.

Furthermore, the same sources ensure that related restrictions to the Tarragona Transportation Company, which has provided sea cages for the Moroccan Company concessionaire of the fish farm, for possible Violation In matters of marine traffic safety, environmental protection and marine species.

unrecognized sovereignty

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The Chafrinas Islands – located in the southern part of the Alboran Sea, south of the Iberian Peninsula – are a protected area and have been declared a Special Protection Area (ZEC) of the European Union’s Natura 2000 network. Rabat, what does not recognize Spanish sovereignty of the archipelago and its surrounding waters granted a license to a Moroccan company to build a fish farm in the area last summer, but given the consequences of its founding, Foreign Affairs has coordinated the action of all ministries involved. : Agriculture, Environment, Transport and Defense, as directed by Chafrinas Margarita Robles, a sector associated with the Department.

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The complaint sent to Rabat comes as the leader of the Polisario Front on tackling Covid-19, the serious diplomatic crisis arising from the decision to host Brahim Gali and without the Moroccan ambassador, Karima Benyach, returns to Madrid after calls for consultations. have come. last May.

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