Madurismo wins a clear victory in the regional and municipal elections in Venezuela

WorldMadurismo wins a clear victory in the regional and...

  • In a contest with very little participation, the government party was left at stake with 20 of the 23 regional states.

  • Despite the participation of an area of ​​opposition, 58.2% of the population was able to vote.

,I thank the people for helping me win.”, After midnight, President Nicolas Maduro appeared in front of a television screen to announce the victory of the ruling party regional and municipal elections, Maduro said with his entire team that the United Socialist Party (PSUV) was left with 20 out of 23 regional states In a contest in which a section of the opposition took part under a coalition known as the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (MUD). “We are a decisive force in the history of this beautiful country,” the president claimed. Maduro said “respect the consequencesFor “political dialogue” with the parties participating in the competition. Electoral participation remained low: Only 41.8% of Venezuelans who were able to vote went to the polls. “We must continue to recover the motivation for voting” he acknowledged, referring to 58.2% abstinence that some consulting firms had predicted quite accurately. The mass disillusionment did not dampen the excitement of the Miraflores Palace at midnight in Caracas. elections were held for the first time Celebrated by the European Union in 15 years, a panel of experts from the United Nations and the Carter Center of the United States. A statement is expected from the international observation mission on what happened during Sunday.

New National Electoral Council (CNE), this time created by three Madurista rectors and two opponents, partly limited the general official abuses, among others, state pressure on the population through public resources. More than 50% of the candidates disqualified by the CNE were from the disgruntled Chavismo.

anti stupidity

In addition to city councils, 335 mayors have also come into play. The opposition once again paid its price division and lack of a common horizon, Years ago he opted for abstinence. This time, a significant portion of the government‘s opponents agreed to interfere in the elections, but that effort was not enough to change power relations or inspire a good portion of Venezuelans who remain at home.

“About nine million Venezuelans participated today. Once we have the total results of the states and municipalities and the national totals, we will create the necessary balance that matches. Everyone working tirelessly in the process What are the words of recognition for the people,” he said, the governor of the state of Miranda, Henrik Capriles, “After 21N there is a certainty: Maduro is illegitimate, unknown and the investigation by the ICC will continue. He and his regime already know the consequences of bypassing democratic rules. We are in a dictatorship, we must get out of it and The call is to fight together. Until this is achieved, “said the former deputy Juan Guaidó, Which the United States still calls the “President in Charge” from Venezuela.

economic context

in connection with elections economic disaster And the social that Maduro once again attributed to the sanctions of the United States. “They’ve tried blame it on socialism about the problems caused by them. If we are victorious today it is because we have created awareness,” Maduro said and called for “joint work” with parties that accepted the game’s electoral rules to participate in the reactivation of previous GDPs. It has fallen to 75% during eight years of government. According to unofficial statistics, there is poverty on 74% of the population. According to Maduro, for the first time in a long time.”economy is growing“Thanks for the push from the oil industry.” Life starts with its own engine. Social welfare should be restored and a new era of prosperity should be opened. The year is going well.”

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International Impact of the Competition

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At present, it is not known what effect these elections will have on India. negotiation process With the opposition to resolve the political conflict unanimously. Sponsored by Norway and what was taking place in Mexico, has been interrupted months ago by extradition to the United States. alex saab, A Colombian businessman has been accused of leading Maduro in a Florida court. The government considers him a patriot because Saab contributes to the breaking of Washington’s economic sanctions against Caracas.

“The likelihood that these results will change the position of the United States in the face of the recognition of the opposition leadership, relations with the interim government (Guaidó’s) and sanctions policy will be less and more visible when they occur.” elections in florida, which complicates these kinds of changes,” said consultant Luis Vicente León.

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