Magali Medina announces that Alfredo Zambrano will respond to Giuliana Rengifo: “My husband doesn’t like to be sloppy”

U.S.A.Magali Medina announces that Alfredo Zambrano will respond to...

Magali Medina announces that her husband will answer to Giuliana Rengifo. (Photo: Instagram)

Host Magali Medina gave an interview for Dia Di with her husband on the occasion of their 5-year marriage. The journalist told that on this occasion Alfredo Zambrano will tell his truth, because “he doesn’t like to be confused”,

This is in clear reference to what Giuliana Rengifo said, who confirmed that 5 or 6 years ago she had a relationship with Alfredo Zambrano, which she chose to keep quiet for fear of the driver being afraid of what he would say. can.

On this occasion, the journalist will not only talk about her love story, but will use the space for her respective discharge to her husband after the revelation of Giuliana Rengifo.

As recalled, Magali Medina preferred to turn a deaf ear to this confession, however, many of the alleged indirections were attributed to the singer, who, on 19 November, the TV host criticized the attacks of these assumptions. If continued along, he threatened to tell everything.

In this Friday’s edition, the presenter didn’t hesitate to make fun of these words and clarified that she doesn’t waste time sending signals. Although he did not name the name, but after commenting, he does not shy away from saying it again and again. “Just in case it’s not indirect”, and then laughing out loud.

At the same Friday, November 20 event, she announced that her husband and she had given an extensive interview where he would be in charge of placing the issue.

“This morning my husband and I gave a long interview at our home. In a few days we will be married for 5 years. Who will say? Some people bet that a month, but let’s go to five years. My husband was in good spirits, he hardly likes to be interviewed and does not like to be sloppy. They’re going to find out”. he pointed.

A few minutes later, he releases De De’s Advance, where the journalist asks Alfredo directly about Giuliana Rengifo’s statements. The full interview will air this Sunday at 9:55 pm on ATV.

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Magali Medina mocks Giuliana Rengifo for saying that he sent her indirectly

Magali Medina was tired of feeling Giuliana Rengifo with every comment she made on his program, so he made it clear that he never sent her the signal, as he was not interested in talking about her.

,It turns out that everything I say now becomes indirect, don’t you see that I would worry about people who never took an interest in me, people go crazy now i sign language they interpret me”, he commented earlier.

He even made fun of the color of his clothes, pointing out that his critics are going to say that this is also a sign. ,Now I have come wearing red clothes, this is also a sign, to whom? to the bull“He said with a laugh.

“When I Laugh I Get Annoyed”

On the other hand, before sending out the first report from Magali TV: La Firma, which talked about girls in show business that had not been made official, he clarified that it was in no way indirect to Giuliana Rengifo, who recently revealed that she had a relationship with Alfredo Zambrano.

,Let’s start the program, the note is not a sign, and If you want to take it as a sign, what do I do, annoy each other, annoy each other while I laugh” she said jokingly.

Also, “Urraka” indicated that she was only talking about the Patricio parody and Luciana Fuster. ,In show business we’re talking about Luciana and ‘Pato’, I have to start making it clear, without hinting, to anyone in particular.“she added.

,The note is not addressed to anyone, it is not indirect to anyone, what else can we say leave so many silly speculations aside, They think I’m a beast, cause this show is about show”, he sentenced.

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