Man tries to travel with a turtle in his suitcase in Yucatano

U.S.A.Man tries to travel with a turtle in his...

The subject said it was his pet (Photo: National Guard)

This Saturday, November 20, elements of the National Guard took part in the rescue of a turtle that was tried to be transported illegally. Monterey, Nuevo Leon from Merida Yucatan Airport.

The incident took place at the People and Luggage Inspection Point. in the luggage where the x-ray machine was subjected to The animal was found which was in a box inside the suitcase.

However, although everything looked very suspicious, the owner of the said goods mentioned that The tortoise was his pet, But when questioned about the legal document that proved what he said, the subject did not have it.

resulting in a breach of general wildlife law, then the concerned authorities Given the animal to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) is to be secured.

Agents guarding the animal (Photo: National Guard)
Agents guarding the animal (Photo: National Guard)

Faced with this unusual fact, Internet users were quick to react to the turtle’s rescue: “My regards, thank you for your commitment to our country”, “Any life saved will always be an achievement“, are some of the comments read on Twitter.

It should be remembered that among the tasks performed by the National Guard is to detect suspicious capture and transfer of animals.

In August itself, some agents were rescued. ten atolero parrots In the state of Sinaloa, which were being transported in a vehicle in sacks.

According to the official statement, the animalswere they divided into two green sacks And the person driving the car was detained after inspection.

“We contribute to bringing attention to crimes that affect biodiversity. Escuinapa. In #sinaloaWe rescued ten wild birds that have been identified as Atolero parrotsWhich was carried in a vehicle filled in two sacks. The driver of the unit has been arrested”, remarked GN.

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In this sense, Internet users were shocked by this fact and insisted that animals also suffer, so those who They took them captive, they should be punished.

,They should be caged for at least 20 years, and take them as far away from your home as possible, to see if they feel the same way as those living and defenseless creatures. The fact that they speak doesn’t mean they don’t feel”, wrote a netizen from Twitter.

The tortoise was traveling in the house (Photo: National Guard)
The tortoise was traveling in the house (Photo: National Guard)

Similarly, other users thanked National Guard agents for supporting this type of rescue operation.

“Thank you for having compassion for the animals,” noted one tweeter.

Recently, GN received over 400 doses of drugs, a quetzal, three peacocks and 96 fighting cocks by elements of the Civil Defense Secretariat.SSC) From Mexico City coordinated with the employees of attorney general of justice (FGJ), in the streets of the mayor’s office Gustavo a Madero.

members of both agencies judicial diligence in demarcation as part of the works implemented to reduction in crime On crimes against health.

head of ssc, Omar Garcia Harfuchu, reported the results of the operation through their social networks, where they assured they were committed Animal protection and against their abuse.

“Among the @TuAlcaldiaGAM allies of @SSC_CDMX, our Animal Brigade and @FiscaliaCDMX, He acquired about 100 combat cocks, a quetzal and 3 peacocks, We are committed to the safety of animals and against the degrading abuse that they face,” he said.

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