Marcos Riquelme scared me with ‘volley’: Angelo Campos saves Alianza Lima

U.S.A.Marcos Riquelme scared me with 'volley': Angelo Campos saves...

Marcos Riquelme has scored eight goals with the ‘Light Blue’ shirt.

Lima Alliance And sporting crystal They have been drawing without a goal in the first final of league 1, At present, there is a game going back and forth in the National Stadium, in which dangerous games are being played in both the areas. but the team Roberto Mosquera Came too close to opening the scoring via a shot from his attacker Marcos Riquelme,

Both clubs have had a scoring situation with stalled balls. In the case of the ‘Light Blue’ set, 14 minutes Marcos Riquelme Appeared after the evacuation of the head from the internal defense. The Argentine striker hit him with a ‘volley’, however. angelo campos He was attentive and blocked the shot with both his hands, thus preventing ‘Riemens’ from taking advantage.

The way both the teams develop on the pitch is different. The people of ‘Mau’ want to join the band and surprise, while Carlos Bustos And the company knows they can damage ‘Bajo-Ponts’ through quick turnaround. The next definition between ‘blue and white’ and ‘light blue’ will be on November 28 at the same sports complex.

match preview

Roberto Mosquera and Carlos Bustos had only one week of preparation before the big duel, however. were impressed by the ‘intimate’ Widespread infection of COVID-19 among footballers and members of the technical command. In a way, ‘Sky’ took a five-day lead in practice and training, but ‘Blue and White’ tried to “make up” the time lost with double shifts.

In his last match, Alianza Lima drew 1-1 against Cienciano del Cusco, a match in which many young players were shown to meet minute bag: They include Dylan Caro, Mauricio Matzuda and Luis Navia. Sporting Crystal, on the other hand, drew with the smallest margin against Sport Boys with goals from Sebastian Penco and Irvain vila.

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Both teams will have their own players. The last to rejoin each team’s training session was called by Ricardo Gareca to the Peruvian squad for the November double date. Jefferson Farfan and Angelo Campos for La Victoria, while Horacio Calcatera, Christopher Gonzales and Jhilmar Lora for Sporting Crystal.

It will be the first time this year that a There are 12,906 people at a Peruvian soccer game And so the protocol and requirements will be taken very carefully. On the other hand, after the guarantee is confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior, Emperor Jose Diaz will be protected by the Peruvian National Police both outside and inside.

Capacity and Tickets

Match between the finalists of League 1 a. will be played with 30% Efficiency Which has been authorized by the concerned health authorities. This means that it is estimated that about 13 thousand people are involved in each duel. The stands will be distributed as follows: 4,000 in the north and south, 2,000 in the west and 900 in the east.

Remember that only fans who have their complete vaccination schedule can participate. Similarly, they should follow biosafety protocols such as maintaining social distancing and wearing double masks at all times.

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