Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala: Which is the favorite company in which Mexico’s richest woman has invested

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Mariasson, as she is also known, is the richest woman in Mexico.

Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala She is the largest representative of the female gender in the business world in Mexico, as she is the woman who has managed to accumulate the greatest wealth in Mexico. he is the heir Grupo Modelo Brewery, and she is also the chairperson of the private equity company The capital of Truslia.

Mariasun, as it is also known, is Investment Among different companies, some are larger than others, yet your preferred investment. on podcast Cracks, which is powered by oswaldo trava, better known as Oso Trava, Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala Tells what your preferred investment is.

“Do you have a favorite investment?” Oso Trava asks Mariason in her interview, to which she answers yes, and that they are Aliet School, “From the investment they’ve made, the Aliate School is an investment that, beyond the economic, has a very good human factor.”

He mentions that you can invest in something and have a lot of jobs, “which is something I’ve always tried to do, creating jobs has been very important to me, but the truth is that when you You educate a person whose life you change, And you change that person’s life and you change their family’s life,” he says.

In the Crax podcast, the businessman was interviewed by Osvaldo Trava.
In the Crax podcast, the businessman was interviewed by Osvaldo Trava.

She also reveals that it is something that fills her up a lot and gives a lot of joy. “We offer a lot of scholarships, and we are in segment C and D also, we are not in a higher segment, which are sometimes families that have to come together to pay the tuition of the child, which that’s cheap but, well, it’s section D, or she’s the first person in the family to study, or single moms who have to work a job to support their child, or many adults who want to improve themselves, Those who want to change their lives, those who want to grow up”.

The businessman mentions that when she sees it all, it’s something no other business gives you, “That human factor.”

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After that, oso trava asks if anyone Investment that she has decided not to do so and later regrets it, to which the woman replies that yes, it is siamese fighting fishsecond stage of Korea’s largest e-commerce.

“Yeah, we have some out there, no one kills them all, that is, that’s also a great lesson you have to get, because you try your best, but you don’t kill them all.” , and there are times when some are so good, that you say why I did not enter into it, and there are others that you say why I entered it, but I believe the truth, which What really matters is your average”, explains the businessman.

The businesswoman is the heir to Grupo Modelo.  Photo: Victoria Valtierra / CUARTOSCURO.COM
The businesswoman is the heir to Grupo Modelo. Photo: Victoria Valtierra / CUARTOSCURO.COM

NS Eliot School, which Mariason mentions as her favorite investment, a network of universities which is made up of The Mexican Republic has 28 campuses in seven higher education institutions in 13 states, a platform for online education programs, and approximately 50,000 students.

In addition, it has been in existence for 50 years and above. 170,000 professionals, Schools have different study modalities that are adapted to each student’s needs: face-to-face and online.

According to the official page of affiliated university, all the institutions involved in this a. promote Direct and ongoing communication with parents and students To provide consistent and total support to the student through leveling up of curriculum, regulation and tutorials, for academic monitoring.

The company’s mission is, according to its official website, “every student, teacher and associate can be the best version of themselves and have a better future”, while its vision is: “Education is the key to transforming lives”.

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