Marvel’s Most Frequently Exposed Asian Huang Caixuan “Doctor Strange 2” Qigong Makes Good Use of Tiger Fist

Huang Caixuan has practiced tiger boxing since elementary school, and he also featured a set in front of the camera. (Photo: Courtesy of Disney)

British-Chinese actor Benedict Wong, 50, is backstrange“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, best partner “Wang” who played “Doctor Strange” in the film, interviewed a few days ago due to his frequent roles in “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” it was done. , “Spider-Man: No Way Home” (Spider-Man: No Way Home) and “Doctor Strange 2”, he is the most frequented superhero of the past two years, even as hilarious as he himself Said to “MarvelMoviesUniverse” can be changed to “Pharaoh Movie Universe”.

British-Chinese actor Huang Caixuan (right) smiled and admitted that
British-Chinese actor Huang Caixuan (right) smiled and admitted that working with “Doctor Strange” Benedict Cumberbatch (left) was more enjoyable. (Photo: Courtesy of Disney)

As a Chinese actor, Huang Caixuan
As a Chinese actor, Huang Caixuan hopes to speak more to Asians through “Doctor Strange 2”. (Photo: Courtesy of Disney)

Huang Caixuan admitted that he loved Marvel Comics since childhood, “there is often a character in one story who moves on to another story to make a cameo”, and some even say that he is a magician. Like the version of “Director of SHIELD”, who is responsible for collecting all the heroes, “I love the title, it’s great.”

Huang Caixuan said that from a librarian of “Doctor Strange”, he has now become a supreme magician. “He knows he has more and more responsibilities, so he must have the strong support of Doctor Strange.” He praised Benedict Cumberbatch District (Benedict Cumberbatch) as also a standout comedian, “It’s weird when we’re laughing with Benedict, we’re really good brothers.”

Huang Caixuan
Huang Caixuan becomes the Supreme Sorcerer in “Doctor Strange 2”, actively defending the balance of the Multiverse. (Photo: Courtesy of Disney)

As a Chinese actor, Huang Caixuan has been in the film industry for more than 30 years. He said that he has been in love with Chinese culture since childhood. “When I was a kid, I went to the Chinese Academy of Arts to learn kung fu, and I also practiced qigong and tiger boxing. I’ve used these tricks here. Movies”, laughingly even added that Until A play will entertain kids at home with magical poses, “They often ask me to build magic portals and send them around the world.” “Doctor Strange 2” takes a “parallel universe” as the main story. If there is any chance in the future, Huang Caixuan said that he hopes to cooperate with the “Fantastic Four” (Fantastic Four). “They attach great importance to the team spirit, and I can communicate with them.” ,

Huang Caixuan is one of the few at Marvel Studiosasian pornstarI hope my existence will be able to lead down this path, so that more Asian filmmakers have room to play, “I’ve always felt that Marvel attaches great importance to different ethnic groups, and I hope so. I can be a pioneer and make more outstanding Asian actors join together.” The film is currently in theatres.

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