Friday, August 12, 2022

Maserati plans to offer 10-year warranty on engine and transmission to reverse brand image

it has been said in the pastItalyThere is a saying in the car, “Italian cars won’t break, just buy two at once.” It can be seen that everyone is skeptical about the reasonable rate of Italian car models. Now Maserati wants to break the stereotype of unreliable Italian cars by announcing a new 10-year warranty scheme for its vehicles.

(taken from Maserati)

Maserati’s new Xtra10 warranty program will extend the warranty period for powertrain components, including the engine and transmission, to 10 years. This plan is in addition to Maserati’s existing 4 or 5 year warranty plan.

(taken from Maserati)
(taken from Maserati)

“This new service enables Maserati to offer innovative products to all customers, in addition toVehicleAdd value to the field. Consolidating the value of the car over time is an important new metric for the Maserati brand, ensuring that customers can drive with complete peace of mind combining top performance and driving pleasure. ,

(taken from Maserati)
(taken from Maserati)

The Xtra10 warranty program applies to all new Maserati models and will be available in the US, Canada and Latin America markets starting October 1, 2022. The warranty comes with a number of additional services, including providing services like pick-up and drop-off, as well as a free scooter for the owner during repairs.

Although the original factory hasn’t confirmed yet, according to foreign media speculations, the additional 10 warranty plan will also apply to Maserati’s upcomingElectric Car,

And this electric car is an all-electric version of the GranTurismo Folgore. While Maserati has yet to reveal the technical specifications of the car, rumor has it that it will feature a three-motor powertrain that will produce 1,184 horsepower. This would make it the most powerful Maserati road car ever built, and an electric version of the supercar MC20 is also in development.

Maserati Gran Turismo Folgor.  (Taken from Massera...
Maserati Gran Turismo Folgor. (taken from Maserati)


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