Massive explosion and shooting in Somalia’s capital

WorldMassive explosion and shooting in Somalia's capital

  • Some local media claim only wounded, while others speak of “lost lives”.

A big explosion after the bullets exploded Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, was shaken in the early hours of this Thursday, according to local media. The incident happened around 7.30am (local time) at a rush hour in the African nation‘s capital, triggering fear for a significant number of victims, reports Garo Online, which has witnesses in place.

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Local media also point out that at present Only the injured have been registered, although they did not specify figures, while Somali news agency Sona assured that the cause of the attack was ” loss of life and property,

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The blast may have occurred in the vicinity of Abdikasim’s former presidential palace, and may have been directed by members of the jihadist group Al Shabaab against a convoy of the African Union Mission in the country (AMISOM). Several buildings along the road were affected, including a school, so it is feared that most of the victims may be students.

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