Me and Alisson Hard to Perform

SportsMe and Alisson Hard to Perform

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LIVERPOOL – Fabinho and Alisson Becker are most likely to miss the Liverpool vs Watford match in the 2021/2022 Premier League, Saturday (16/10/2021). The reason, they still have to defend Brazil in international tournaments.

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The Samba team will face Uruguay this morning in the CONMEBOL 2022 World Cup Qualifiers. Fabinho and Alisson are reportedly involved in it.

In a matter of 35 hours, it is predicted that these two players will be impossible to defend Liverpool in the Premier League this weekend. Estimated travel from Brazil to England plus quarantine regulations, it was impossible for the two to make an appearance.

This was disclosed by Fabinho directly. He explained Liverpool would only consider sending him and Alisson straight to Spain to be quarantined ahead of their Champions League clash with Atletico Madrid.

“I believe that this first game against Watford will be very difficult for us, I don’t think we will play. Neither Alisson nor myself,” Fabinho was quoted as saying on the Talk Sports page.

“The game against Uruguay will take place Friday night there (in Great Britain) and the game against Watford will be at half past two in the afternoon,” he continued.

“With everything involved, the journey, I don’t know how much time we have between one game and another.”

“I’m sure we won’t play around. We will also be quarantined, but the club is still studying whether it is better to go straight to Spain to play against Atletico Madrid and quarantine there, without staying in a hotel in England.”

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