Melissa Klug sends a curious signal after Samahara Lobatten’s reconciliation with Yuna

U.S.A.Melissa Klug sends a curious signal after Samahara Lobatten's...

Melissa Klug may have sent a signal into the network. (Photo: Instagram)

They are together again. Samahara LobatoneMILF’s daughter Melissa Klugo And former soccer player Abel Lobton gave himself a second chance with his daughter’s father, Jonah. However, ‘Blanca de Chuquito’ would not agree to this reconciliation.

This Tuesday, November 23, Yuna confirmed via her social network that she has resumed her love affair with Samahara, from whom he separated in 2020, months after he reported her for physical assault and family violence.

“I love you”The young barber wrote. In the Instagram post, she is seen kissing on the beach. Recall that this couple is on a family trip for Samahara’s 20th birthday.

Samahara Lobton and Yuna reconcile.  (Photo: Instagram @flokogram)
Samahara Lobton and Yuna reconcile. (Photo: Instagram @flokogram)

To avoid criticism from users, Yuna opted to disable comments on her posts. However, he didn’t expect his mother-in-law Melissa Klug to send some signals through his network. Obviously, these will be directed towards his daughter.

It so happens that the fiancé of Jesus Barco published a series of tips for recognizing those who are not right for the one in a relationship.

“Signs that this person is not for you: Your insecurities constantly come up, you don’t feel the security of being able to talk about things without offending the other person, they tell you some things but do others.” are, they justify all their dealings with excuses, it tells you some things but does others”, was part of the wider message that Melissa shared on her platform.

Posted by Melissa Klug.  (Photo: Instagram @melissaklugoficial)
Posted by Melissa Klug. (Photo: Instagram @melissaklugoficial)

It should be noted that in March of this year there were rumors of a possible reconciliation between Samahara and her former partner. When asked whether this is true, Melissa Klug may have made it clear that she wasn’t completely accepting of Jonah.

“I have a good relationship with my daughter right now and I like to keep it that way, she knows she will always have my unconditional support, the doors of my house will be open, but I can’t stop her from making mistakes, I Can’t avoid but always available to them whenever they need me, I’ll be there”, he replied somewhat uncomfortable.

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“It is imperative that my daughter does not make a mistake. This is his story and I prefer not to touch on that subject as it doesn’t suit me.”The clever businessman was added to the En Boca de Todos event.

assault complaint

In December 2020, Samahara Lobaton and Yuna staged a family violence scandal. The two condemned each other for physical assault, for which they were detained at the La Perla police station in Callao.

In the police report, the young mother indicated that Yuna threw her to the ground, hit her on the back and ribs and pulled her to the ground by pulling her hair.

As reported by America Noticias, he attacked her with a knife and injured her shoulder while trying to defend herself. This version is refuted by Samahara himself, noting that she only had a knife in her hand as she was cutting a lemon in the middle of the discussion.

Despite the scandal, Melissa Klug’s daughter said a month later that she had a cordial relationship with her daughter’s father and even left open the possibility of resuming their love affair.

Yuna and at that time he denied reconciliation with Samahara Lobatin

In October of this year, Samahara Lobaton was captured by the cameras of Amor y Fuego at a concert in the company of her sisters and other friends. But not only this, she was also seen talking very closely to a young man, who would be her new boyfriend.

Amor y Fuego’s journalists consulted Yuna about the recent spree in Samahara. Thus, the hairdresser clarified that we have an emotional connection between them.

“Well, I think she is young and probably dating. We are not in a relationship. She has said that we only have a parent-child relationship and we are trying to handle it in the best possible way.” “, said.

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