Melissa Paredes and the Details That Will Prove Anthony Aranda Sent Her a Rose

U.S.A.Melissa Paredes and the Details That Will Prove Anthony...

Melissa Paredes may have received roses from Anthony Aranda. (Photo: Instagram)

Now nothing stops them from being together. Melissa Paredes has returned to activity on social networks after ending her marriage with Rodrigo Cuba. The model never stops sharing the details of her day to day and what she receives. On this occasion the former television host showed that a bouquet of roses arrived, which may have been sent by Anthony Aranda.

As it is recalled, the former beauty queen and dancer was caught kissing in the parking lot of a shopping center. At the time, she came out to clarify that she was no longer with her daughter’s father, apart from giving an interview in which she revealed that she felt special things for him.

Despite the fact that they have not been seen together since that date, after Empe, Anthony Aranda sent a message of support to Melissa Paredes, this despite the fact that many criticized him and described him as the culprit of breaking up a family.

The model revealed the beautiful details that came before her through her Instagram account. As you know, Melissa is a fan of roses, because in the past ‘Cat’ Cuban gave her this type of gift.

Now it is not the footballer who does it, but someone else, and it will be the dancer. ,i love when you smile like now“Was that the message the model got with a curious emoji.

Although at first it was said that he may have sent it alone, users of Social Networks Note that this emoji is the same one used by Anthony Aranda in the video he posted TIC Toc, so he indicated that he would be the author of these descriptions.

The rose received by Melissa Paredes will be from Anthony Aranda.
The rose received by Melissa Paredes will be from Anthony Aranda. (Photo: Instagram and TikTok)

Anthony Aranda explodes against those who criticize him

dancer Anthony Aranda Decided to respond to his opponents, who attack him after he is caught kissing Melissa Paredes, As it is remembered, Rodrigo met the choreographer at the show Reinas Del, a former model and still wife of Cuba.

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Aranda used her Instagram account to defend herself, explaining that she is not made of stone, and she is hurt by so much criticism.

,He asked me what a happy day looks like for me and these pictures describe it. My passion, my art, which I keep pursuing with a lot of hard work, effort and discipline, is what makes me happy. The experience of sharing, traveling, training, competing, directing, choreographing and above all, of all these years, keeps me going strong today.Said the young man, and then addressed those who criticized him.

,There are people who point out, criticize and speak badly of people without knowing, I am not made of stone and it affects me too but I am very confident about something and it makes me strong IsMay I know what kind of person I am todayHe said, making it clear that he will try to move on no matter what happens.

Melissa Parades agrees with Rodrigo Cuba

On 11 November, it was determined that the husband and wife were still they will have a common tenure Little Mia’s, in addition to sharing expenses fairly. They also agreed to divorce by mutual consent and not on grounds of infidelity.

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