Messi’s game: his first goal in Ligue 1 and an “assist” for the strangest goal of PSG’s win

U.S.A.Messi's game: his first goal in Ligue 1 and...

* Lionel Messi targets 3-1 for PSG

after victory against Brazil Which allowed them to qualify for the World Cup Argentina, Lionel Messi I returned to ownership Paris Saint Germain, within the framework of date 14 From league 1, had a very active game against the Argentine star Nantes Feather princess park, where his team scored another victory to establish themselves at the top of the French championship standings.

It was a meeting where Leo Messi The move from the right to the center, as usual, also affected other areas of the playing field and had a constant relationship with neymar And kiyan mbappe in attack. It was probably Trident’s best match, despite the fact that the Brazilian had to leave the court when he averaged the supplement after Keeler Navas’s expulsion.

in the first few minutes, flea There was little prominence. the ball didn’t reach them, However, with the passage of time he gradually entered the dynamics of the game and his partnership with the other two great offensive figures grew.

His first major intervention came in min 17, when he receives the ball on the penalty spot after a pass neymar and he crossed on the run, but his right shot was brilliantly covered alban lafonte, who had already scored a goal but it was due to a detour that threw him out of place.

* First clear chance that Messi had

the goalkeeper Nantes He became a figure at first where his teammates were overwhelmed. Messi Able mbappe With a filter pass before half an hour, but the goalkeeper denied the young French attacker a goal.

*Good relationship with Mbappé that didn’t end in a goal

And flea Will have another chance to score in the preliminary stage but that too ran Lafon Huge. Feather min 38MILF after a pass Verratti, Rosario’s crack was defined with a cross shot inside the zone but again the goalkeeper took him face to face.

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Already in the second half, Messi Tried again with a shot from the front of that area It turned out very concentrated and without much power, then the ball ended up in the hands of the goalkeeper Nantes, After the first 60 minutes of the game, the captain of albiceleste He already had several clear chances but found a motivated goalkeeper who ruled out the possibility of converting him.

* Second chance that Leo couldn’t take advantage of

with the removal of kelor navso, pochettino The pieces were forced to move and selected to be taken out neymar, Argentina DT left Messi forward with mbappe And both had to bear the responsibility of winning on their shoulders when Nantes Tie reached.

And the Paris cast gains again, with Argentina as the protagonist: He wanted to put a filtered pass for the Bernata, Shown Denise Appia To stop the ball and his action ended with a deflection that scored a goal against PSG in a 2–1 draw.

* Messi’s pass ends in a great goal in PSG’s favor

The “curse” ended after 87 minutes of play, when in a counter he made a distinctive play: He swung to center and took a left-handed whip well away from goalkeeper Lafont which meant 3-1., it was his Sixth appearance by Ligue 1 and first goal one who screams body in local tournaments, bearing in mind that it adds Three shouts in three Champions League doubles,

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