Meta confirms it will announce reduction of reality lab workforce within a week

A spokesperson for Facebook’s parent company Meta confirmed to Reuters that Meta was preparing to shrink its “reality lab” division, an announcement expected within a week. (Reuters)

FacebookA spokesperson for parent company Meta confirmed to Reuters on the 11th that Meta is preparing to reduce the manpower of its “Reality Labs” division and expects to announce relevant news within a week.

Facebook Chief Technology Officer Andrew Bosworth told Reality Lab employees during a question-and-answer session at the weekly meeting on the 10th that the change is expected to be announced within a week. This division is at the heart of Meta’s strategy to refocus hardware products and the metaverse.

A META spokesperson confirmed that Bosworth had informed employees that the department could no longer afford some programs and delay others, but did not say which programs would be affected. The spokesperson emphasized thatlayoffNot in plan.

Meta reported in AprilInvestmentPeople, going to cut costs in 2022. A drop in Facebook’s user base earlier this year led to a drop in shares.

Meta CEO Zuckerberg said in an earnings call in late April that he plans to slow down some longer-term plans, such as investments in business platforms, artificial intelligence (AI) and reality labs.

Reality Lab, in which Facebook has invested heavily, previously spawned Oculus, a virtual reality (VR) business that currently covers augmented reality (AR), smart glasses, Portal, a video calling device and enterprise technology solutions. does.

Facebook invests in layoffs

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